Taste of Training: Advanced Surfacing for Mold Design in SOLIDWORKS

Interested in sharpening your skills with advanced surfacing techniques for mold design in SOLIDWORKS, but not sure if a training course is right for you?

During this on-demand webinar, certified instructor; Jamie Hill, will present a lesson from Javelin’s SOLIDWORKS Mold Design course – giving you a taste of SOLIDWORKS Mold Design training in 60 minutes!

During this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • Use surface features to create a custom parting surface
  • Manually add Mold Folders to a model
  • Create shut-off surfaces using surface modeling techniques
  • Manually create side cores using surface and the Split command

About the SOLIDWORKS Mold Design training course:

The SOLIDWORKS Mold Design course teaches you how to quickly generate tooling for any given part and separate it into core and cavity components (or punch and die for Tool and Die applications).

This knowledge is very valuable for most mechanical designers, especially designers of molds, embossing dies, nests, and welding/checking fixtures.

You will also learn to use analysis tools for developing optimal parting lines, troubleshooting draft and undercut issues, plus importing and repairing third party geometry.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor

Jamie Hill, CSWE

Meet the SOLIDWORKS instructor:

Over the years, Jamie Hill, Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, Training and Process Consultant, has successfully instructed a variety of SOLIDWORKS training courses to hundreds of students, and published many SOLIDWORKS technical articles on Javelin’s blog.

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