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Powerful content analysis and market intelligence solution in the cloud

Real-time Data Insights

Get answers to your biggest business questions, using real-time data insights to drive successful outcomes

Improve business decision-making for product management, marketing and sales with a powerful content analysis and market intelligence solution in the cloud.


Social Business Analyst is a browser-based solution that enables your team to listen to, learn from and act on all the information that matters to your business. Aggregate content from across the social web alongside enterprise data.

Analyze business metrics in your social context. Automate alerts and actions to drive faster decision-making, 24/7/365.

Built on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, it delivers business intelligence connected with the entire product development process from insight to market, so you can drive collaboration and innovation.

Social Business Analyst Features

Use information from across the social web to inform decision-making

  • Gather information

    Gather and aggregate important information by creating your own content library or using the expertly curated Industry libraries from Dassault Systèmes. Monitor your market, products, competitors and trends.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Analyze data to detect weak signals and early trends. Use key insights and competitive analysis to understand the market and identify opportunities and risks.

  • Content Distribution

    Empower your team with actionable data insights by automating content distribution through email, newsletters, feeds and communities.

  • Monitor and Share

    Track and monitor important articles and topics of interest, and easily share your own opinion with the team.

  • Filter Content

    Filter for relevant content so you can spend less time searching and more time reviewing what matters.

  • Secure Access

    Securely access and share all content and analytics from a centralized, secure location in the cloud from any device. Quickly find and filter information with semantic and smart search.

  • Set Up Communities

    Easily create social-media-style public or private communities to share and collaborate on ideas and projects, and publish articles and customer feedback analyses.

  • Market Insights

    Use market insight and unstructured collaboration to fuel the product definition process and define groundbreaking product roadmaps.

  • Create Wikis

    Organize your knowledge base, terminology and glossary database in wiki page structure.

  • Have Conversations

    Engage with your colleagues in real time using conversations, audio and video calls.



Features to tame your data complexity


Store on the cloud

Store everything in the cloud with a storage solution that understands the relationships between the different files you create.

  • Storing and managing your design files on the cloud. 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services centralizes all of your cloud file management, simplifies your workflows, and improves productivity by allowing you to view, search, and share all your files, regardless of where they are stored.
  • Viewing your business information in one central location, regardless of the size of your company. With 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services, you can view the latest world news related to your product or project, see what your team is talking about, present and share your metrics with executives and customers, capture notes, and store them in one location or share them with others.

Collaborate on Ideas

Build communities with 3DSWYM to share and collaborate on ideas and information for any project you are working on.

  • Accessing a global community of experts and colleagues to be the best design/engineering professional you can be. With 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services you can get answers to difficult engineering challenges, learn new skills, and share your knowledge and expertise with access to global online communities.
  • Collaborating and connecting everyone involved in designing your products, and feedback from your customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Training to improve your professional skills with access to hundreds of online tutorials available through 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services.
3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Parts

Access Industrial Service Providers

The 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace provides on-demand capabilities for getting your products from design to manufacturing. It offers services for both manufacturing and intelligent part sourcing capabilities.

  • Make - Leverage a worldwide ecosystem of qualified industrial manufacturing service providers and identify the best partner based on your specifications, across all manufacturing processes: 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Injection molding, sheet metal and more.
  • Part Supply - Source components directly from your design environment, with the most comprehensive and intelligent online 3D components catalog.

Connect to SOLIDWORKS Desktop

Connect your traditional desktop experience with SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

  • Integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS, the 3DEXPERIENCE Desktop Add-in allows you to access all of your information from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform right from within SOLIDWORKS.
  • This workflow allows you to combine the power of SOLIDWORKS to quickly create and edit your engineering designs, with the collaborative features of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a Safe, Social, Connected, Informed and Structured environment for team leaders, project managers and other professionals who want to manage data on the cloud and collaborate without constraints.

Safe: Customer controlled access. Transparent cloud backup. Encrypted communication protocols. Data always safe—no overwrite, no loss of data.

Social: Integrated structured and unstructured collaboration tools enabling social innovation. Collaborate on product design or engage with your stakeholders early in product development.

Connected: Every user always connected to a single, common database. Access data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Review and markup models.

Informed: Choose from the widget library, Create and share Dashboards. Get the latest information about your product development. Always have access to your latest data.

Structured: Zero overhead data management - store and manage data across collaborative spaces, share information in communities. Find indexed data faster by using tags, custom search, etc.

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