Learn how SOLIDWORKS can help your business with a LIVE Demo

If you are considering SOLIDWORKS software and need advice from an expert then try a personalized web demo from Javelin.

Want to see how SOLIDWORKS is used in your industry? Or determine if it can solve your design problems? Receive a 30 minute custom demo delivered by a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert to find the right solution and get your questions answered.

Top 3 benefits of a live SOLIDWORKS web demonstration

  • 1 SAVE TIME with your software research
  • 2 MORE RELEVANT than a prerecorded video
  • 3 MORE EFFECTIVE than a software evaluation

Why Attend a Live SOLIDWORKS Web Demo?

30 minutes with an expert will save you days of solution research

Live SOLIDWORKS Online Training


We know that finding the right software to meet your needs is often time consuming and frustrating. So we want to make it quick and easy for you to research SOLIDWORKS with a live 30 minute custom demo.

Key benefits of a live demo
  • Get your questions answered by a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert.
  • Learn how SOLIDWORKS will handle your tasks.
  • Discover innovative ways of solving your product design problems.


Discover New Tools

SOLIDWORKS software provides a wide array of tools, which you may not have experienced before. You will have the opportunity to see the tools in action and chat with a certified expert about the functionality and applications.

Example topics covered:
  • Creating parts, assemblies and 2D drawings.
  • Industry specific tools for sheet metal, weldment, mold, tool, and die.
  • Analysis and simulation tools.
  • Technical communication and product documentation tools.
  • Data management and workflow tools.

Improve your Business

Let us show you how adopting SOLIDWORKS as your design tool will allow you to improve many areas of your business.

How can SOLIDWORKS help?

Here are just a few examples of what SOLIDWORKS can do for you:

  • Beat your competition with increased efficiency and throughput.
  • Cut unnecessary waste with increased quality in your designs.
  • Wow your customers with next generation communication tools.

Types of demonstration available

Choose from a wide variety of SOLIDWORKS Topics

  • CAD software
    3D Design

    Robust 3D design software to create fully detailed parts, assemblies, and production-level drawings

  • Simulation software
    Analysis & Verification

    Virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, and improve quality

  • Communication software
    Data Management & Workflow

    Share information, apply revision control, and collaborate on designs with everyone in your extended design team

  • Electrical software
    Electrical & PCB Design

    Intelligent electrical system design tools for routing, panels, harness, and PCBs

  • Inspection Process
    Inspection & Quality Assurance

    Automate your inspection document creation process with SOLIDWORKS Inspection First Article Inspection (FAI) software

    Computer Aided Manufacturing

    Streamline your CNC machine programming with CAM Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) technology

  • MBD Caption
    Model Based Definition

    Define Product and Manufacturing Information directly in 3D, avoiding expensive, time-consuming, 2D drawings

  • Visualization software
    Visualization & Animation

    Create professional photo-quality, images, animations, assembly instructions, and other 3D content

Talk to local Canadian SOLIDWORKS Experts

Receive advice from Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts with real industry experience currently helping 6,000+ Canadian designers and engineers using SOLIDWORKS 3D software to create better products in a variety of industries; including aerospace, alternative energy, automotive, consumer products, medical, manufacturing, oil & gas, and plant & process.

Experience Counts

  • Since 1997, we’ve been inspiring designers and engineers to propel their organizations to new heights. We work with everyone from promising tech start-ups to the largest business newsmakers in Canada.
  • Javelin is an entrepreneurial, fast-growing company with unique Canadian expertise in 3D design and 3D printing, including knowledge sharing, sales, technical support, and training.
  • Javelin is firmly rooted in communities all across Canada, with seven office locations operating in four time zones. And beyond our Canadian borders, we are known all over the world as one of the best in our industry.

Demonstration Agenda

We will provide you with an effective demonstration that will make best use of your time and allow you to better evaluate SOLIDWORKS software.

The Discovery Call

15 minute call to learn about your business

Your Requirements

10 Minutes

A quick call to gain an understanding of your business and determine the requirements for the demo.

Booking the demo

5 Minutes

Arrange a date and time that suits your schedule and confirm what you expect to see during the demo.

The Demonstration

30 minute web demo to show you the solution you need


5 Minutes

Introduction and quick overview of how we can solve your number one challenge.


20 Minutes

A live demonstration of the SOLIDWORKS solutions that will meet your needs while answering your questions.

Summary & Next Steps

5 Minutes

Confirm that the demo met your requirements, and we will help you to determine what your next steps should be.

Authorized reseller

Partner with the largest SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller in Canada

Getting the best support with a service provider who you can partner with is just as important as the 3D design software you choose for your business.

Request your Demonstration

Demonstration sessions are typically 30 minutes in duration, review a typical agenda to learn more.

Demos are tailored to show how SOLIDWORKS will solve your business issues, and can be delivered LIVE over the web or on-site at your location.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Inspection

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