7 Reasons Companies Invest in New Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

If you are not happy with your current ERP software, you are likely researching and evaluating other ERP options. Because each manufacturer has specific business challenges, each has a different path when finding the perfect solution.

Download our white paper to learn about the top seven reasons that companies decide to invest in a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like DELMIAWORKS:

  1. My patched together QuickBooks® and Microsoft™ Excel spreadsheets are preventing my business from growing.
  2. My homegrown/custom system has become unmanageable, lacks modern features and customization has made upgrades impossible.
  3. I have a legacy system. My ERP vendor was acquired and the new owner is discontinuing the system and ending development and support.
  4. Customer or regulatory requirements are dictating that I use modern tools and compliance programs, such as lot tracking and quality control.
  5. My ERP software is not manufacturing-specific and lacks the features and modules my shop floor needs.
  6. My ERP solution lacks the planning and scheduling functionality to dramatically increase capacity without adding floor space, employees and equipment.
  7. My technology is old, my hardware is unreliable and we are experiencing frequent downtime.

Read the white paper now and learn about the top reasons why engineering and manufacturing businesses just like yours are switching to DELMIAWORKS for their ERP system.

Integrated System For Mainstream Manufacturers

DELMIAWORKS ERP System is tailored specifically for your factory’s environment to streamline processes across sales, order processing, finance, human resources, planning, production, inventory, procurement and more.  It becomes the backbone for visibility, execution and communication of manufacturing activities and data throughout your supply chain.

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