Additive Manufacturing Justification: Building the Right Strategy for Your Business

You recognize the need for a new additive manufacturing machine or software solution but how do you get the decision makers to approve the purchase?

In this presentation, the key elements of a good financial justification are discussed and strategies are proposed. With this insight, you will have much better success in getting a “yes” on your proposal.

Understanding how companies and management will think about your proposal is key. We discuss different personality types and different perspectives people and companies take when making acquisition decisions. We go through all of the elements that should be in your ROI proposal with tips for each section.

This session is a valuable tool as you determine your own additive manufacturing ROI.


Additive Manufacturing

Digital/Additive Manufacturing with 3D Printers has opened the door for faster and more cost effective production.

3D printed manufacturing applications and tooling can make dramatic improvements in both time and cost efficiency, when compared with more traditional production methods.

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