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Pepsi packaging design

Reinventing the Packaging Design Workflow with 3D Printing

PepsiCo’s Structural Packaging Design and R&D teams have reinvented their workflow using the latest advances in 3D printing technology. Historically, designers and engineers spend a significant amount of time translating sketches into prototypes to land…

Excellerant MDC

Excellerant Partners with TriMech

Excellerant, Inc. and TriMech are partnering to give Excellerant’s Collaborative Manufacturing Platform™ wider distribution across the U.S. and Canada.

Composite 3D Printing using Stratasys F123CR

How Composite 3D Printing Improves Manufacturing Operations

Download a white paper to learn how to use composite 3D printing to create tooling that will complement your traditional metal tools! Solving the everyday problems on a manufacturing floor doesn’t come easily. You’re asked…

Stratasys F123CR

Stratasys F123CR

The Stratasys F123CR Composite 3D Printers F190CR and F370CR produce carbon fiber-reinforced composite material production parts for tooling.

FDM Nylon-CF10 Material

FDM Nylon-CF10

Stratasys FDM Nylon-CF10 is a composite material combining a blended nylon polymer with chopped carbon fiber enhancing strength and rigidity

Measurand 3D Render Reel Vertical Installation

Live online SOLIDWORKS training benefits engineering team at Measurand

SOLIDWORKS, sold and supported by Javelin – a TriMech Company, has been the 3D CAD software of choice for Measurand’s engineers for about 10 years. To ensure that they were using SOLIDWORKS consistently and to its full potential, the team turned to Javelin for a professional assessment of their skills and processes.