How does the Aerospace Industry use Additive Manufacturing?

Innovation in aerospace is accelerating, advancing frontiers of understanding at the component/product level in manufacturing operations, in rethinking supply chains and, in some cases, at the business model level.

Aerospace innovators are embracing additive manufacturing beyond prototyping and are aggressively pursuing new use cases for the technology. Some leading aerospace manufacturers are already using this technology to fabricate jigs and fixtures, production tooling and final end use parts for lightweight wing assemblies in small aircraft and UAVs.

Download the Aerospace Guide to learn how organizations such as NASA and Leptron are using additive manufacturing in all cycles of production, from design concept to near-end-of-life repairs. The guide includes information on various applications including:

  • Testing and prototyping with a cost effective trial-and-error approach that avoids lengthy delays for analysis and simulation.
  • Producing jigs, fixtures, aids, gauges and other tools that make production more efficient while minimizing expenses and delays.
  • 3D print surrogate parts to aid the production assembly process.

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