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COVID-19 Medical Manufacturing Support

3D Printers for PPE Manufacturing

Get a Stratasys 3D Printer to 3D print Medical-grade parts and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as face masks and shields

3D printing aviation components

Aviation Case Study – Step 3 – 3D Printing Aviation Components

In the third and final step of this case study, our Professional Services team walks us through the process of 3D printing the landing gear doors for Michael Shuler’s 1955 Falco airplane. If you missed…

Stratasys J826 machine

Stratasys Introduces New Mid-Range 3D Printer for Brilliant Design and Productivity

New Stratasys J826 Broadens Access to Full-Colour, Seven-Material PolyJet 3D Printing for Enterprise Shops and Educational Institutions at About Half the Price. Unleashing the power of 3D printed realism to a broader range of product…

Stratasys J826 Colour 3D Printer

Stratasys J826

Based on J850 technology, the Stratasys J826 supplies the same end-to-end solution for the design process and ultra-realistic models at a lower price point.

Stereolithography 3D printing

Why Stereolithography is the most flexible 3D Printing Solution

Watch the demo videos to learn how stereolithography 3D printing create smooth-surfaced prototypes, master patterns, and investment casting patterns

Stratasys F120 bench-top 3D printer

Desktop or Industrial Grade? What to know before investing in a 3D Printer

Get buying a 3D printer right the first time by understanding what industrial grade technology means and how it can make a positive impact for you.

Modern manufacturing

3D Printing is more than Prototyping for Modern Manufacturers

Learn how 3D printing is a dramatic improvements in both time and cost efficiency for modern manufacturing when compared with traditional production methods.

Pantone colour 3d printer

Stratasys has designed the first PANTONE Validated Colour 3D printer

Stratasys® have designed the first PANTONE Validated™ 3D printer on the market. Watch the demonstration videos to learn more about 3D printing in colour.