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Desktop 3D Printer

The Truth about Low-priced Desktop 3D Printers and How to Get it Right

Download this Desktop 3D Printer Buying Guide and see how the Stratasys F120 professional-grade machine stacks up against the competition

Stratasys desktop 3D printing

The New Stratasys F120 Will Transform Industrial-Grade Desktop 3D Printing

The Stratasys F120 3D printer makes technology easier to own than ever before, delivering reliable, accurate, complex and functional parts – up to 3X faster than competitive desktop 3D printing solutions.

Stratasys F120 bench-top 3D printer

Stratasys F120

For design/engineering agencies, small and medium sized businesses, or Schools and Colleges. Industrial-grade plastic 3D printing to empower your office, workgroup or class.

Onewheel electric transportation vehicle

3D Printing with Carbon Fiber keeps unique vehicles ahead of competition

Learn how 3D printing with carbon fiber helped Future Motion to develop the Onewheel personal electric transportation vehicle that looks something like a powered skateboard, but feels much more like snowboarding on fresh powder.

Stratasys prototyping F123 Series

Smarter Prototyping with Stratasys F123 Series 3D Printers

This Smarter Prototyping white paper will show there’s never been a better time to invest in 3D printing with a Stratasys F123™ 3D Printer Series.

3D printed safety tool

Additive Manufacturing improves Life on the Production Line

Eckhart, a leader in advanced industrial solutions, is committed to improving the lives of factory-floor workers through safety, reliability and efficiency in manufacturing for industries from medical device to automotive.

3D Printing Research Guide

3D Printing Research & Buyer’s Guide

Materials, Technologies, and 3D Printers: Learn how to Make the Right Choice for your Business and Use Case with our 3D Printing Research & Buyer’s Guide

Thule carbon fiber 3D printing with Nylon 12CF

Thule Embraces Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Thule use their Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D printer to create Carbon Fiber (FDM Nylon 12CF material) parts to conduct functional tests and create assembly fixtures and manufacturing aids.

Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Get the strength of carbon fiber without warp or curl with a Stratasys Carbon Fiber 3D Printer. Swap metal for lighter tools, functional prototypes and production parts

Hospitals are Increasingly 3D printing at the point-of-care to enable personalized care

Stratasys and Materialise Joining Forces to Boost Point-of-Care 3D Printing

For decades, Medical 3D Printing has been enabling a more personalized approach to patient care. But for decades, it’s been a quiet player on the sidelines, leveraged in relatively few specialties and called on as...

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