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Artec Eva 3D Scanner at GPS Trade Show

3D Scanning grabs the attention of industry experts at a trade show

The Global Petroleum Show in Calgary took place nearly two months ago, and we are still talking about the level of excitement and curiosity that 3D Scanning with an Artec Eva 3D Scanner created on…

reverse engineering

Reverse engineering using Artec 3D scanner helps build landing gear doors

In this case study, discover how Javelin is using reverse engineering and 3D printing to help build accurate, strong, lightweight doors for an airplane’s landing gear compartment. Michael Shuler, an aviation enthusiast, is building a…

Artec Eva for education

Artec Education Package

The Artec Education Package for schools and universities, provides students with affordable high tech Artec 3D scanning equipment and software.

F1 car 3d model

Creating a precise model of an F1 Car with an Artec 3D Scanner

Tool manufacturer needed to make a scale 3D replica of their F1 car so it could be 3D printed at a size of approximately 300 mm.

3D Scanning Service, Metrology, 3D Measurement

Metrology & CMM Solutions

Discover the innovative Metrology, CMM, and Portable 3D Measurement solutions from SOLIDWORKS and Artec for industrial applications

Artec Eva Lite

Artec Eva Lite

Artec Eva Lite is a budget version of the bestselling white light Artec Eva 3D scanner. It features the same accuracy specs, but with reduced functionality.

Manufacturing Services

Professional Services

Javelin-Cimetrix Professional Design and Manufacturing Services includes 3D Printing, Post Processing, 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting and Serialization.

Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner

Artec 3D Launches Artec Micro, a Fully-Automated, Professional Industrial Desktop 3D Scanner

Artec 3D Launches Artec Micro, a fully-automated industrial desktop 3D scanner for quality control of small objects, reverse engineering, design and more.

Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner for Metrology & CMM

Artec Micro

Artec Micro metrology-grade industrial desktop 3D scanner suitable for quality control and precision mechanics of small machine parts, jewelry and dentistry

3D Scanning Service

Fast and Precise Reverse Engineering with 3D Scanning and SOLIDWORKS

Reverse engineering is the reproduction of a previously made product by examination of the product’s construction and composition. Analyzing a component, sub-assembly, or product is important to understanding the structure and its interrelationships. Reverse engineering…

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