Javelin Technologies to wade deeper into Canada’s east coast ocean sector

Story by Karen Majerly on May 15, 2019

To further support the designers, engineers, and manufacturers who are bringing ocean technology advances to the marketplace, Javelin is partnering with Start-Up Yard at COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship).

Perfectly perched on 13 acres of oceanfront property in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, COVE is home to some of the most remarkable people and products in the ocean tech sector. COVE helps to drive the ocean economy forward by providing high quality marine infrastructure, unparalleled water access for testing, and collaborative working and meeting spaces. To support its primary goal – ocean technology commercialization – COVE gives a community of ocean enterprises a place to start, grow, and prosper.

Ocean resources are among Canada’s most significant, bringing economic benefit not only to our coastal provinces, but to the entire country. The federal government and private sector’s co-investment in the Ocean Supercluster (designed to foster new partnerships, accelerate innovation, and bring more products to market) solidifies the importance of realizing increased, sustainable economic growth from Canada’s vast ocean territory.

Javelin Technologies is a Canadian authority on 3D design, product data management, automation, additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing), and laser scanning solutions. In 2018, Javelin merged with Cimetrix Solutions, forming a never-before-seen powerhouse of expertise in additive manufacturing in Canada.

“We are always expanding our ability to support and influence high-growth sectors in the Canadian economy,” said Mark Gauthier, Javelin’s Sales Director, Eastern Canada. “Being part of the COVE community allows us to help others bring their ideas to life and find success.”

On Wednesday, May 22, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Javelin Technologies will host a free event including seminars and a networking lunch, designed to help product designers, engineers, and manufacturers keep on top of the ever-changing technology solutions that are helping people work smarter, streamline processes, and create better products. COVE and Javelin Technologies will also officially announce and celebrate their new partnership.

Shelley Hessian is the Executive Director of Start-Up Yard at COVE. She said having Javelin on board as a partner will bring enhanced benefits to their clients.

“COVE is a place to exchange ideas, expertise, and resources, and Javelin will bring all of those things,” she said. “Javelin offers not only leading 3D technology solutions – they also back them up with strong support and good advice. We’re so proud of how we continue to bring Start-Up Yard at COVE clients opportunities to help them grow their businesses and contribute to a prosperous ocean sector.”

Register for the technology event on May 22 at COVE

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Naval architecture

3D rendering of naval architecture

3D Printed Marine Propeller

3D printed marine propeller

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3D printed marine scale model from a Stratasys machine

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