How does Aras Improve Product Quality with the Digital Thread?

Learn how to accelerate problem diagnosis and improve product quality with the Digital Thread.

What is the Digital Thread?

The Digital Thread enables full product lifecycle traceability, allowing previously siloed teams across the enterprise to work concurrently with the latest product information.

It makes connections to critical information, allowing you to track a product and its digital assets, from concept, through design, manufacturing, quality, and field maintenance.

It is not simply a way to position your company to manage critical information, but can become a key enabler to determining what types of new products and services to provide in a rapidly changing marketplace.

How does Aras help?

Aras customers who are actively pursuing the Digital Thread are creating positive outcomes for their organizations. Linking information between disciplines and throughout the product lifecycle will result in:

  • Productivity gains: Delivering on-time product launches or process improvements to differentiate and compete in the digital era
  • The ability to rapidly respond to customers: Improving product quality and support to maintain long-term relationships
  • Market expansion: Supporting new markets, new service business models, and creating new or improved products, or product upgrades
  • Sustainable feedback loops: Linking operations and maintenance data back to engineering for innovation and growth

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