Keep track of changes to complex products with the Digital Twin

Keeping track of changes to complex products is difficult, especially within the Aerospace and Automotive industries. With new generations of commercial aircraft, and software-based automobiles. A new way of managing the digital context of a physical product is required and the answer is the Digital Twin with Aras Innovator PLM:

What is the Digital Twin?

Learning about the Digital Twin can be a daunting task. There are many competing definitions out there. Where you work within the lifecycle of a product and your intent as to how you want to use it in your business, will greatly determine which definition resonates with you.

But let’s make one thing clear—there is a difference between a Digital Model and Twin. Download the white paper to learn the value of the Twin for the maintenance of products (assets), please do not let any vendor try to convince you that a Digital Model—an engineering picture, if you will—created during the development of a product that has not been made yet, is a Digital Twin.

So many things have happened to that product before it’s ever been installed at your site. It’s been designed, re-designed, it’s been through a manufacturing process, and things like exceptions, part replacements, supplier changes, and engineering design changes have occurred. Only when that product is done with its manufacturing process, and its configuration, including electrical, mechanical, and software has been recorded, can the first Digital Twin be created.

Download the white paper to explore the opportunity available for Operations and Maintenance.

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