First in the world to be certified in DELMIAWorks ERP and MES

Story by Karen Majerly on June 17, 2020

Earlier this year, Rob Hauser, Systems Architect for Javelin (now TriMech), was notified that he was the first in the world to be certified as a Technical Sales Specialist in DELMIAWorks.

“Congratulations, Rob!!

You have been awarded DELMIAWorks Technical Sales Training Certification. You also hold the honour of being the very first person to accomplish this…and you are in a great position to help take DELMIAWorks to market.”

Sent via email by Jim Hoium, Director, Partner Enablement, DELMIAWorks

DELMIAWorks combines engineering resource planning (ERP) and a manufacturing execution system (MES). With one single platform, you see a clear picture of the factory floor. Real-time process monitoring allows you to make decisions quickly and be confident that production and quality control is being executed well.

Rob and several others on the Javelin team went through various phases of “boot camp” training to be able to work confidently with manufacturers considering a new ERP/MES solution.

Rob’s own training experience was eight weeks long, a combination of hands-on training and remote learning. Courses delved deeply into the functionality of the software, from the overall product roadmap to target areas like managing inventory and data flow. He spent another three weeks preparing and performing mock product demonstrations to prove his product knowledge was solid.

Rob Hauser DELMIA | Works Technical Sales Certification

Rob Hauser DELMIAWorks Technical Sales Certification

Digital transformation is being accelerated

In usual times, there is a small slice of time when a manufacturer is considering adding or changing an ERP or MES. Given the challenges of 2020 however, Rob said it is the perfect opportunity to look for efficiencies and new ways of working.

“Digital transformation is being accelerated. Manufacturers may be facing lost margins and looking for savings. Now is the time to reduce rework and waste. And if you happen to be a bit slower than usual, you’ll have time to carefully list the needs and wants of each department.”

Understanding that moving to a new ERP/MES is a big undertaking for manufacturing leaders, Rob says the most important thing he can do is fully understand the customer’s unique needs, whether they operate a small, single-site or several large plants around the world.

“DELMIAWorks covers the entire process, from the moment you receive a sales order, through scheduling, production, and shipping. We spend a lot of time learning about a manufacturer’s strengths, challenges, and needs, or what functionality they are missing right now. Then we work to meet those requirements.”

End-to-end monitoring in real time

The DELMIAWorks combination of production management and production monitoring, along with end-to-end visibility, provides extraordinary data and analysis. Rob noted one key example – real-time reporting from the factory floor.

“Think of the efficiencies gained when you know a machine is running slower than usual or the scrap rate is increasing. The DELMIAWorks dashboard shows all the processes on the floor. You can see machines down for maintenance, and immediately move orders to different machines. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were notified in real time and not have to wait for a report at the end of a shift or the end of a week? Think of the savings in material, labour, and rework costs if problems could be corrected before producing non-conforming parts.”

The integrated ERP/MES system contributes directly to a manufacturer’s ability to continually make quality products, be agile enough to meet diverse customer needs, and work with speed and efficiency – all more critical than ever before.

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DELMIAworks Partner

DELMIAWorks Partner

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