Global Vehicle Systems relies on advice, training & support from Javelin – a TriMech Company

Story by Karen Majerly on December 19, 2018

Since 1999, Global Vehicle Systems (GVS) has been a key resource for top-tier automotive parts manufacturers, helping them compete and excel. Each tooling and automation system GVS creates is custom — designed, built, and tested to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Over many years of partnership with Javelin (now TriMech), GVS has taken advantage of Javelin’s unique expertise in maximizing the use of SOLIDWORKS software. Their team of mechanical and electrical designers relies on Javelin’s help, from technical support to training. Javelin also guided GVS through the monumental shift from traditional machining to additive manufacturing.

Stephane Boucher is Vice President of Operations for Global Vehicle Systems. In this video, we talked to him about the values his company shares with Javelin, and how the partnership has evolved:

Global Vehicle Systems is located in Tilbury, the Chatham-Kent region of southwestern Ontario, Canada.

“We’ve utilized Javelin to assist our staff in skills assessment, onsite support, remote support, and training. They’ve allowed us to provide a better end product for our customers. What they provide is solutions and support for our creativity and innovation.”

— Stephane Boucher, Vice President of Operations, Global Vehicle Systems

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