Javelin Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2018

Story by JavAdmin on June 22, 2018

Thanks to the Women’s Engineering Society, this year is the fifth “International Women in Engineering Day”, where the achievements of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields are celebrated and we encourage young women to pursue STEM career paths.

This year Javelin wanted to showcase just how much of an impact women are making in the engineering industry. Through a series of 3 blog posts, we recognized 7 of the women we know in design, engineering, tech, and manufacturing. Here are some snippets of the fantastic females who are models of success in their fields.

Jessica Soodeen of Calgary, Alberta

Jessica can take a motorcycle apart, run the pit as a race car engineer, advise on 3D printing technologies, and apply Lean Six Sigma tools to global engineering projects. Jessica works at Honeywell in a global group dedicated to lean methods, reliability, and simulation. Her consulting role takes her from reviewing parts and products, to assessing technical engineering risk, to developing test strategies for reliability. We know her because she is Honeywell’s go-to expert on prototyping and 3D printing.

Jing Xu of Hamilton, Ontario

King is a senior specialist in stress analysis and design for ArcelorMittal Dofasco – a steel producer and the largest private sector employer in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s heavy industry and a massive operation, and Jing contributes to keeping equipment running smoothly and products moving on the line. She says the best part of the job is seeing her ideas and drawings come to life and knowing her efforts count.

Laurise Chedid of Edmonton, Alberta

Laurise is a CAD (computer aided design) Manager for Black Cat Wear Parts. She remembers doodling floor plans in math class in high school, and completed two years of an interior design program. It was there she found she had a talent for technical drafting and switched her focus and career to design engineering.

Bozena Kunowski of Markham, Ontario

Moving to Canada from Poland in 1984 with a mechanical engineering background, Bozena started her career here in the automotive industry before moving to aerospace. In 1994, Bozena decided to open her own business called CADmech Design. At the time, there were few design and engineering services firms like hers. She hustled to get clients, worked day and night, built a team, and slowly moved from designing to running the business, now based in Markham, Ontario.

Florica Tudora of Toronto, Ontario

Florica is a mechanical designer, Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and Certified DriveWorks Professional. She works for Fortress Technology, which manufactures industrial metal detection systems and conveyors for companies working in food processing, consumer goods, textiles, and lumber. Her role is to design the master models for new conveyor systems and to develop automation projects. Her certification in DriveWorks makes her the in-house expert and trainer for her colleagues.

Wendy Klein of Ottawa, Ontario

Wendy is a mechanical engineer for Ottawa-based SD Avionics. Wendy designs and manufactures airplane cabin communications systems, supporting the ongoing demand for better connectivity in the sky. Wendy is the company’s only mechanical engineer. She began part time and has been working full time for about a year.

Tamara Low Foon of Markham, Ontario

Tamara is Senior Thermal Mechanical Product Engineer at Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. At her site they design and manufacture graphics cards for the kind of desktop computer systems used by SOLIDWORKS designers and others who need top quality renderings on screen. Tamara says not many women have traditionally chosen the computer industry, but her CEO is a female engineer and there is a second woman on the executive team. AMD also has a mentoring program for female students.


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