Introduction to the Artec Micro II

The Artec Micro II brings the latest in scanning technology to your desktop. Equipped with even greater accuracy, a larger field of view, and the same compact form as its predecessor, the fully automated desktop 3D scanner allows users to make professional reverse engineering and quality inspection effortless.

About the Artec Micro II

Compact and ready to scan in seconds. Simply mount the object on the circular scanning platform, and you’re ready to scan. Choose from a variety of smart scanning paths. Then watch in real-time as your scan unfolds on the screen in jaw-dropping detail. Only a minimum of training is needed with Micro. After a quick introduction, you will already be scanning on your own.

Artec Micro Benefits:

  • Fast Scanning Speed at 1 mln points / sec.: High accuracy does not have to be time consuming. Artec Micro can process up to one million points per second!
  • High Point Accuracy at 5 microns: Make extremely accurate 3D models such as small machine parts, jewelry and dentistry.
  • Simple Operation: Fully automated desktop 3D scanner designed for 1-click capture of your small objects

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