Jigs and Fixtures Buyer’s Guide Stratasys FDM® Material and Printer Options

Common manufacturing challenges 3D printing is poised to solve

Speed and cost:

When it comes to manufacturing, one can never have parts in hand fast enough. Regardless of the source, tools can take weeks or months to produce which causes inefficiencies and restricts the ability to get to market quickly. For example, outsourcing can create a backlog on your tool shop, create long lead times and exorbitant costs. Increase your efficiency with a Stratasys® solution without needing a highly skilled operator. Get your tool printed in hours or days and typically at a fraction of the cost.

Ergonomics and safety:

Tools can be heavy, unwieldy and not customized to the operator. These factors limit production and increase the potential for work related injuries. The consequence of injuries is missed work and production downtime. Additive manufacturing allows a user to produce parts that are strong and durable, but are lighter than the alternatives. Tailor your tools to the individual operator and vary the material density to create tools that are lighter and/or more durable without adding additional cost or manufacturing time.

Design process:

Unfortunately, perfection is rarely achieved with the original iteration of a design. A lengthy design process not only causes delays down the line, but it limits a manufacturer’s capabilities to improve operations. Like any process, traditional manufacturing has limitations and gaps. Being tied to your manufacturers’ process can limit options, customization and design potential.

Optimize and achieve the best tool design with a Stratasys solution. Realize possibilities that were otherwise unachievable with traditional manufacturing. Accelerate the design cycle by printing multiple tool iterations at once. Or print the tool, try it and if changes are needed, revise the design and print again.

MaterialTPU 924AASAABS-ESD7™Diran™ 410MF07PC Nylon 12CF™
PolycarbonatePolyamide 12CF
(above 40 MP)
Tough and stiffIncluded
Low frictionIncluded
Flexible and softIncluded
Heat resistant
(over 120°C)
Static dissipative/
ESD safe
Multiple coloursIncluded
3D Printer
Stratasys F370Stratasys F370
Fortus 380
Fortus 450
Stratasys F900
Stratasys F370
Fortus 380
Fortus 450
Stratasys F900
F370Stratasys F370
Fortus 380
Fortus 450
Stratasys F900
F380 CF
Fortus 450
Stratasys F900