SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Performance Audit

Evaluate the impact of the SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Service

Set the right expectations for improved large assembly performance by sending us a sample assembly to audit.

Javelin's experts will provide an accurate summary of expected improvements. You could qualify for a credit toward the Large Assembly Service.

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Why get a SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Performance Audit?

Watch this quick video to learn how the SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Performance Audit works.


You will see why it has become an essential first step in the process for achieving maximum SOLIDWORKS performance.

How does the Large Assembly Performance Audit work?

The SOLIDWORKS Performance Test is a 3 step process

STEP 1: Submit your large assembly

SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Drawing


To begin, a Javelin SOLIDWORKS certified expert will thoroughly evaluate your large assembly to quantify the performance benefits and cost savings that your team can expect when you invest in the SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Service. During the analysis of your large assembly, we will pinpoint methods to drastically reduce time spent to open and edit the file.

Javelin Technologies understands the importance of keeping your information confidential. Information that is shared with our company will be handled in accordance with a confidentiality agreement.

STEP 2: Summary of results



After the analysis has been completed, we will provide you with a summary of expected performance improvements and benefits that your team will achieve with the SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Service.

We will help to quantify the amount of reduced time that it will take to open your large assembly. For example: greater than 45%, greater than 30%, greater than 15%, or under 15% improvement.

STEP 3: Review next steps



After the results have been presented, we will review several cost saving options to move forward with the Large Assembly Service. For example, if your large assembly performance is expected to improve greater than 15%, you will be offered a credit towards the purchase of the Large Assembly Service.

However, if it is discovered that your large assembly performance is expected to be improved by less than 15% we will refund you the amount of the Large Assembly Performance Audit ($1,000 value).


Customer Success

Customer feedback has shown an average efficiency improvement of 73% after 3 months of a Large Assembly Service. For many customers, the time spent waiting for typical tasks (opening files, rebuilds, drawing view updates) decreased up to 7 times.

Money Back Guarantee

If a Javelin SOLIDWORKS Certified Expert is not able to confirm that your team's large assembly performance will increase greater than 15%, Javelin will refund the cost of the SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Performance Audit ($1,000 value).


"Think about taking just one second vs. 10 seconds, or one minute vs. 10 minutes. That’s 10 times better productivity. Multiply that by the number of people working on projects over a week, or over a year. Overall, we estimate user productivity has increased by up to 5 times when dealing with complex geometry. Imagine the impact on how our people feel about their work. Imagine the impact on our business."

— Mike Taylor, Product Development Manager with Phil Mauer & Associates

"I liked that I could learn things even in areas where I was already familiar. Some of the tips and tricks will help me do my job faster and more efficiently."

— Lyndon Graff, Brandt Industries

"What I learned will make me more productive and make my company more competitive."

— Ed Petruskavich, Island Automation Ltd.

Benefits of the Large Assembly Performance Audit

Investing in a SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Performance Audit from Javelin will help set the right expectations for the performance improvements that will result from the Large Assembly Service. You could achieve performance improvements greater than 45%.

Why work with Javelin?

Over 20 years of experience solving SOLIDWORKS problems

Cost-effective training services

Since 1997, Javelin has been dedicated to providing solutions to our customers to improve their productivity. As Canada's premier provider of 3D design training; we are committed to helping you reduce your time to market, costs, and improve quality.

Here are two services we offer to boost your knowledge with SOLIDWORKS large assemblies:

Expert SOLIDWORKS technical team

You will have access to a certified SOLIDWORKS staff with real industry experience helping customers in a variety of industries including agriculture, oil and gas, water purification, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. We are continually educating team members with the latest best practices.


Certified SOLIDWORKS Training

Certified SOLIDWORKS Training

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