GD&T Advanced

An in-depth study of the principles of GD&T

Training Course Contents

This classroom based training is designed as a further in-depth course to help understand, interpret and apply the principles of GD&T. It is based on the ASME Y14.5-2018 standard.

By definition, GD&T establishes uniform practices for stating and interpreting dimensions, tolerancing, and related requirements for use on engineering drawings and in related documents.

Course Info at a glance

In-class 2 day course (6 hours/day)

Or Online 3 day course (4 hours/day)

Intermediate/Advanced Level

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Why take this course

GD&T is essential to ensure functional information and design intent from the assembly to its individual parts.  This insures accurate fitting assemblies and spare parts regardless of where they are manufactured.

The GD&T Advanced course is ideal for Designers, toolmakers, inspectors and project managers.

What the course covers

Our Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing advanced course covers the fundamentals and principles of the ASME Y14.5-2018 GD&T standard.  The course focuses on the geometric characteristic symbols explaining in detail each symbol, feature control frames, different modifiers and how they affect tolerancing when placed in the feature control frame.

The course also goes reviews the types of tolerances and the individual geometric characteristic symbols and their tolerance zone. Further explanation on profile tolerances (all round, between points, unequally disposed). Comparison of different characteristics for application purposes.

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Requirements & Benefits


Completed our GD&T Fundamentals course or equivalent knowledge

Basic understanding of mechanical engineering and drawings

Able to take two days out for training

Topics Targeted

Profile Tolerances

Datum Modifiers

Composite feature control frames

Skills you will acquire

Able to understand and apply GD&T

Different methods of inspection

Understanding of ASME Y14.5-2018 standard

GD&T Advanced Lessons

The following lessons are included in the course

Day 1

Lesson 1: Course Introduction

  • Course objectives, general review of GD&T principles

Lesson 2: Characteristics and Symbols

  • Review of types of tolerances and the individual geometric characteristic symbols and their tolerance zones
  • Further explanation on profile tolerances (all round, between points, unequally disposed)
  • Comparison of different characteristics for application purposes

Lesson 3: Modifiers

  • MMC, LMC, RFS and how they affect tolerance zones when applied in feature control frames.
  • Datum modifiers (MMB, LMB and RMB)

Lesson 4: Composite and Segmented Feature Control Frames

  • Composite feature control frames compared to segmented feature control frames (position and profile composites)

Lesson 5: Exercises and Design Applications

  • Series of Application exercises and design of mating parts exercises

Day 2

Lesson 6 Tolerance stacks and tolerance build-up calculations

  • Plus minus stacks both symmetrical and bilateral tolerancing
  • Profile tolerance stacks
  • Profile tolerance stacks (form and orientation considerations)
  • Profile assembly stacks
  • Boundary detail stacks
  • Fixed fastener and floating fastener calculations
  • Application exercises looking at applying GD&T to components of an assembly


"The GD&T Advanced course helped me to understand the true function of the part and its relationship to mating surfaces. The instructor was able to carry the course at an excellent speed leaving students enough time to grasp the concept."

— Steven Cargnello, Marsh Brothers Aviation.

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