Teeth 3D Model

This plaster cast of teeth 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner.

  • Scanning time: 4 minutes
  • Processing time: 20 minutes
  • Scanner: Artec Micro

This object is considered as large for trajectory purposes. Although Artec used only a simple type of trajectory, with fewer frames, all of the intricate curvatures were successfully captured. It is worth mentioning that due to large underneath surface, the top and bottom scans together contain over 200 million polygons, so Artec recommend erasing the flat overlapping surfaces from one of the scans to increase the computing speed of the software algorithms.

3D Model Captured With:

Artec Micro desktop 3D scanner for Metrology & CMM

Artec Micro

The Cutting Edge of Desktop 3D Scanning.

Artec Micro brings the latest in scanning technology to your desktop. Its advanced twin cameras and blue LED lights are perfectly synchronized with Micro’s dual-axis rotation system (swing & rotation) to create the ultimate digital copy of your object with a minimum of frames captured.

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