Redefining PolyJet Support Removal with Automation

In additive manufacturing/3D printing, post processing is often overlooked which inherently leads to delays in productivity.

When some designs have a certain level of complexity they can be put into wash baths for extended periods of time and still contain undissolved support materials. PostProcess Technologies has a full line of machines dedicated to removing support material and surface finishing. Automating the PolyJet Support Removal process can speed up the chemical process and reduce the time the operator has to work with the parts.

The advantages of utilizing PolyJet 3D printing technology in producing complex and detailed geometries also result in a tedious and time-consuming post-printing stage. Traditional PolyJet Support Removal methods create a bottleneck in the overall process that limits the capabilities of PolyJet technology.

Complete the download form to discover innovative PolyJet Support Removal Automation machines that can remove both PolyJet support materials, SUP705 and SUP706; in one system while increasing throughput and reducing operator touch time compared to common support removal methods.

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