3D Printing Post Processing SLS & MJF Powder Removal

Download our guide to SLS & MJF Automated Powder Removal with Innovative Fusillade Technology. Learn how to fully optimize your Additive Manufacturing workflow for powder-based print technologies with the F.A.S.T. post-printing system.

As 3D printed powder-bed technologies such as SLS and MJF rise in popularity, their users stumble upon a common problem – post-processing. After excess powder is initially brushed away the build tray is caked in unusable powder as shown below:

Current methods of removal such as manual bead blasting and vibratory machines leave much to be desired with regards to their labor requirements, damage rates, and inconsistent results in removing powder from fine cavities.

Download this new White Paper to discover:

  • Why powder-bed print technologies still require post-processing even though they don’t utilize support structures
  • How both automated removal of powder and surface finishing in one system is possible
  • Why the patent-pending Hybrid DECI Duo‘s Thermal Atomized Fusillade (TAF) technology has become the recommended solution for automated powder removal

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