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Powerful parts and amazing assemblies in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Wednesday October 23, 2019 Online 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

Every year SOLIDWORKS introduces amazing enhancements to make the creation of parts and assemblies faster, easier, and more efficient. SOLIDWORKS 2020 is no different. SOLIDWORKS designers; your job just got a lot easier!

Join us for a live webinar on Wednesday October 23, as Javelin’s application experts; Colin Murphy and Claudia Mak, present what’s new with parts and assemblies in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Below are just a few of the new enhancements for parts and assemblies.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Mates

The Quick Mates toolbar provides a means to rapidly assemble components directly from the graphics area. SOLIDWORKS 2020 extends this popular tool, by adding the Slot and Width mates with their position constraints, and Limit Mates.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assembly Patterns

Assembly patterns provide an efficient way to add multiple copies of components to your SOLIDWORKS Assemblies. New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, Pattern Driven Component Patterns are more intelligent, Linear and Circular Patterns are more versatile, and Mirror Components are more robust.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Envelope Publisher

New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, Envelope Publisher makes top-down design simple. Envelopes, a tool for making reference components, are no longer limited to components within the same assembly.   Now, components can be selected from other sub-assemblies and included as envelopes in the destination assembly.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Flexible Components

Make any components dynamic with the new “Make Part Flexible” tool in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Remap external references of parts with ease without creating additional configurations or part files. This optimizes your data management and efficiency visualizing and validating assemblies with motion. Bill of Materials recognize the multiple instances of Flexible Parts as a common part. Drawing references are also maintained without impacting the geometry shown in the drawing.

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