System analysis from the experts

Javelin's team of Certified PDM Experts can provide you with a comprehensive SOLIDWORKS PDM Audit to ensure you are gaining the best return on your investment.

Our analysis will determine if there are any issues with your system, establish it's running at full capacity, verify your data is fully protected, and check that the latest enhancements and features are being utilized.

solidworks pdm data flow
Process Solution

We OPTIMIZE your PDM system

  • Perform a full SQL database check and clean
  • Network infrastructure check
  • Analyze your SOLIDWORKS PDM working environment
  • Ensure you are using all the latest features included with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional


We recognize that your Data is one of your most valuable assets. Data needs to be managed, secured, trusted and leveraged. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has matured over the past decade with many changes and enhancements.

It is essential that a system health check is carried out to ensure your data is secure, optimized, and that your business is getting the most out of SOLIDWORKS PDM.

The following health checks are provided in our service:

  • Check for proper SOLIDWORKS® PDM Vault Database and Archive backups
  • Check Microsoft® SQL Server Logs for issues
  • Check if MS SQL Server maintenance plans are in place and running properly
  • Check your network infrastructure
  • Check for hard drive capacity and find any performance issues
  • Ensure the proper MS SQL Password policy is enforced for the SQL login
  • Review your current PDM workflows and data cards
  • Review your current PDM BOM utilization
  • Ensure all your PDM Professional Add-ins have been updated to the correct version of PDM
  • Run PDM Status Report Tool and check for errors and review report details
  • Check that top PDM enhancements have been implemented or considered

How the service works

Get a system audit and receive a detailed report

Our Process:

  • A half-day session provided remotely on your system includes:
    • A full SQL database check and clean.
    • Network infrastructure check.
    • Analysis of your SOLIDWORKS PDM environment.
    • Check for the latest SOLIDWORKS PDM enhancements.
  • The session can be delivered on site at an additional cost if required.

What You Receive:

  • We provide you with a detailed report outlining:
    • Your current PDM system status.
    • Options for enhancements to your PDM system, such as:
      • Javelin ECN and SR&ED modules.
      • Connection to your material resource planning (MRP) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
    • Any requirements for immediate updates.


Why an audit is important for your business

An Optimized PDM System

We can ensure that you are running an optimal build. With extensive checks and system diagnostic tools we can make sure that you get the best performance from your SOLIDWORKS PDM system.

Best PDM Configuration

Confidence that your PDM Workflows, Data Cards, and BOM features are working effectively. Plus recommendations on how to enhance your efficiency and/or connect with other business applications.

PDM Features are fully utilized

Take advantage of all the new SOLIDWORKS PDM features included with the latest version. Every new SOLIDWORKS release includes system enhancements and new features for SOLIDWORKS PDM.

Need to check your SOLIDWORKS PDM system?

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