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York University 3D printed part

3D Printing Helps Students Create the Missing Piece

Toronto’s York University School of Engineering 3D print their prototypes and realize a 30 to 50% cost saving over traditional CNC prototyping.

3D printed molds

3D Printing Breaks the Injection Mold for Promolding

Promolding specializes in creating high-tech plastic parts using 3D printed injection molds providing lead-time savings of 93% over traditional molding methods.

3D printed jig by Ricoh

From 3D Printed Jig Prototyping to Production at Ricoh

Jigs tooled from metal are both heavy and difficult to iterate. Ricoh Company, Ltd., use a Stratasys F900 machine to create lighter jigs at a reduced cost.

3D printed prototype colour model shows the pressure that a rider puts on this seat.

Cutting edge 3D printed prototypes push a passion for cycling

Trek uses an Objet 3D Printer to create prototypes. The system builds colour parts with clear, tinted and flexible components, all in one print job.

Synergy 3D printing prototypes

Reinventing Invention with 3D Printed Prototypes

Synergy, a product development company, helps their clients make confident decisions with ultra-realistic 3D printed prototypes using a Stratasys J750.

Photorealistic 3D printing

Journey from 3D Printing in Monochrome to Photorealism

Innodesign brings new products to life with photorealistic 3D printing using a Stratasys J750. They 3D print models in multi-materials with as many colours as their designers can assign

Consumer products design

How to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing to accelerate consumer products development

Download our consumer product White Paper today to discover the secrets to a faster consumer product development process.

3D printing architecture

3D Printing Architectural Models on a Solid Foundation

Modelzium is an architectural modeling firm based in Seoul, Korea whose customers include many South Korean architectural firms. The Challenge Traditionally, Modelzium used manual techniques and CNC machines to produce architectural models. However, this process required...

Peter McCann Architects

Building a Sky High Case for 3D Printing

Toronto Architectural Modeling Firm Builds Scale Model of Stunning Abu Dhabi Edifice with 3D Printing. After building designs have been conceptualized and before ground is broken, real estate developers often transform their two-dimensional blueprints into...

Air Intake Analysis

Growing Air Intake Filter Housing Consultancy with SOLIDWORKS

By adding SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation fluid flow analysis software to its SOLIDWORKS Premium design solution, Optar has reduced the time and costs of design simulation and validation, while improving the performance...

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