Software that is Turning Product Data into Human Knowledge

From connecting equipment and workers in dynamic ways to turning product data into actionable information, software often serves as the bridge between humans and machines.

The availability of sensor data and computing power made information accessible. Software has been the engine that has given workers the power to turn simple data points into greater insight into the operational status of every manufacturing line. In turn, workers are empowered to turn that insight into action in ways that ensure a safer and more productive operation.

Software gives people who design and operate manufacturing plants the power to do their jobs with greater efficiency and more flexibility. They can focus on developing, testing and verifying operational parameters at the start—long before the first piece comes off the line.

Software is an investment in your people as well as your business. This white paper shows you how valuable that investment can be.

Included in the White Paper

This 20 page white paper is a compendium of technical articles from Machine Design and Industry Week:

  • Why managing data in the cloud is taking manufacturing by storm
  • What’s the strategy driving your innovation?
  • 4 reasons why collaboration software fails
  • The future of CAD software
  • A systems engineering approach to AI

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