SOLIDWORKS 2023 Parts and Features


SOLIDWORKS® is the most feature rich CAD solution available, but that doesn’t mean significant improvements can’t still be made. SOLIDWORKS 2023 expands the capabilities of existing features to make you more productive.

Watch the video to learn about the best new SOLIDWORKS 2023 Parts and Features enhancements:

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Parts and Features Highlights

  • Users can automatically apply construction geometry to sketched ellipses making them easier to define.
  • Need to move or copy a body? You can now apply equations to the translate or rotate fields and even specify configurations.
  • The Wrap feature is now more complete as it allows the use of stick fonts when scribing.
  • The Defeature command no longer requires the user to create a new part file, as the simplified representation can be stored as a configuration.
  • Errors in Library Features will no longer slow you down.

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