SOLIDWORKS 2023 Routing


Routing electrical systems in 3D is fast and efficient in SOLIDWORKS® 2023.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Routing Highlights

  • Enhanced Electrical Attributes
    • Display Diameter and Length for selected route segment
    • Calculation accounts for unused cores
  • Show Bundle Cross Section
    • Accurately visualize the arrangement of wires and cables in a harness bundle
    • Unused cores display in dashed line font
  • Flatten Harness Improvements
    • Intelligent Auto Balloon stacking for connectors and wires
    • Connector cross-highlighting
    • Propagate added columns to all connector tables
  • Multi-Circuit Splices
    • Splice components now support multiple C-Points
    • Depict more complex wiring scenarios in 3D
  • Routing Library Manager Improvements
    • Faster app launch time
    • Improved performance/responsiveness
    • Redesigned Component Wizard Interface

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