SOLIDWORKS 2023 User Experience (UX)


As a SOLIDWORKS® user you expect the best out of your software when it comes to customizability, performance, and working with others. SOLIDWORKS 2023 significantly improves the user experience (UX).

Watch the video to learn about the best new SOLIDWORKS 2023 User Experience functionalities now at your fingertips.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 UX Highlights

  • Comments have been completely overhauled so that users can communicate their ideas fully, right inside of the SOLIDWORKS user interface.
  • Customizing the user interface is one of the most powerful aspects of SOLIDWORKS, and getting back to the default settings is easier than ever now that each tab features a “Reset to Defaults” button.
  • For those customers that share a pool of licenses, you now have more flexibility in which licenses you check out.
  • Also, term licenses better notify the user to take action before the license needs to be renewed.
  • The Render System, which was introduced a few years ago to improve performance of large assemblies, is now even more stable allowing users to keep this highly advantageous performance tool enabled at all times.

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