Manufacturing of critical features with tight tolerances requires resetting the coordinate system.

Probing operations are used to reset toolpath coordinates to enable the most precise manufacturing capable by the machine for that application.  Probing is now included in SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional saving time in your toolpath generation setup versus manually adding these operations after post processing.

Precision equipment requires high precision manufacturing to achieve the desired performance. Components have many critical features with precise tolerances.

To meet these requirements, SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2020 introduces Probing Operations. It’s easy to create a new probing operation and associate it to an existing setup. Choose the desired probe from your tool-crib, and select the previously machined surfaces to create new coordinate references for the subsequent machining operations.

Like all CAM operations, it’s easy to move the probing operation in the tree, prior to machining features. SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2020 makes it fast and easy to create your most complex manufacturing operations.

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