SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 can now import all the exploded views and their steps from the SOLIDWORKS CAD model.

These views can be reused for a variety of purposes including animations. Animations can now be saved as MKV, MP4 and FLV in addition to AVI. Lastly, A series of raster and vector images can be rapidly published using the new 360 degree capture.

Eliminating waste is a common practice to increase the value of your processes. SOLIDWORKS CAD models typically contain multiple named and exploded views necessary to document the design. With SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020, all of these views are now included when you open the model so you don’t waste time recreating them.

This makes it quick and easy to create a custom exploded animation with Composer and with 2020, you can now save the animation to additional popular formats like MP4. Even though animations can have a big impact on your audience, still images are often a necessity. SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 now provides the option to publish a 360 degree view of your model in a series of raster or vector images.

This makes it faster than ever to publish images where multiple view angles are needed or when reviewing image options with other stakeholders.

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 helps you eliminate waste in your processes by leveraging more information from you CAD models and automating content publishing tasks.

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