Quick Imported Geometry Optimization Techniques for Use in Large Assemblies

Have you ever needed to use a complex model originating from a large STEP or IGES file in a SOLIDWORKS large assembly? Let us show you how to reduce the time required to open it as well as how to eliminate the operational lag when working with that assembly.

TriMech Senior Training and Process Consultant, Alin Vargatu, demonstrates how to simplify these large models in a controlled manner, allowing you to decide what details should be preserved and which should be removed. The positive impact on your productivity is a game changer. Alin helps you discover how to use unrelated tools inside SOLIDWORKS to speed up the optimization process. For example, who would have thought that using the yellow color as an appearance could make such a big difference?

Featured in this large assembly webinar

In this webinar, Alin will discuss:

  • Learn how to identify and measure the potential slowdown impact a large imported geometry model can have on a large assembly
  • Colors are you best friends in a user-controlled simplification process of imported geometry
  • Do not use the Delete Face command, unless you are fully aware of its impact on performance

About The Presenter

Alin Vargatu – Senior Training and Process Consultant

As an Elite AE and Senior Training and Process Consultant, with an expertise in Large Assembly and Drawing Management, Alin Vargatu is a problem solver and an avid contributor to the SOLIDWORKS community. He has presented over thirty times at 3DEXPERIENCE and SOLIDWORKS World, twice at SLUGME and multiple times at SWUG meetings, organized by four different user groups in Canada and one in the United States. Alin is also very active on SOLIDWORKS forums. His blog and YouTube channel are well known in the SOLIDWORKS Community. He is the author of the Large Assembly and Drawing Workshop. In recognition for his contribution to the SOLIDWORKS Community, the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network awarded Alin the SOLIDWORKS Reseller AE of the Year award at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021.


SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly and Drawing Workshop

The Workshop/training course will help users who find their productivity is drastically affected when working with assemblies or drawings.


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