Project Management with SOLIDWORKS Manage

Watch our on-demand webinar for a demonstration of SOLIDWORKS Manage. Learn how the Project Management tools will help you to manage project timelines, resources, processes, and advanced items.

This on-demand webinar provides an overview into the features and capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Manage and SOLIDWORKS PDM. It explores the functionality that make SOLIDWORKS Manage a powerhouse for project-related tasks from BOM management to process control.

Distributed Data Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage takes the place of the separate disconnected tools that an organization might use to manage engineering resources and processes. It is compatible with many existing tools, and works to more efficiently and effectively maintain the integrity of enterprise information.

With SOLIDWORKS Manage, organizations can now plan each stage of a project, assign resources and tasks, and attach required documentation within the same ecosystem used to design. When users complete their tasks, project progress is automatically updated. And, project managers can take advantage of powerful dashboard capabilities to see critical information in a single, easy-to-understand interface.


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SOLIDWORKS® Manage provides a unique set of advanced data management tools. This is accomplished by leveraging the file management capabilities and ease of use of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and adding powerful projectprocess, and item management capabilities..

SOLIDWORKS Manage provides existing customers with a unique set of advanced data management tools. This is accomplished by leveraging the data and ease of use of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and adding powerful project, process, and item management capabilities

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