What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 allows you to set up your projects and get them looking photo-quality even faster using AI Denoiser, real-world physics, advanced measured materials, and new video decals, all combined with custom keyboard shortcuts.

Dramatically Accelerate Your Design Development Process

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 is focused on making customer-requested features a reality, speeding up the project creation process and helping you create content faster than ever before.

  • Hands-down the biggest new feature is the AI Denoiser, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decipher and eliminate noise from your renders, giving you a 10x render speed increase!
  • Don’t want to painstakingly create your own custom materials from scratch, but want to use your company’s existing database of materials/textures or those you’ve found via online websites or communities?  We’ve added new advanced Appearance Types to give you greater flexibility and creativity to import industry-standard materials. You can even scan real-world materials and import them via NVIDIA MDL or PBR directly into Visualize. With an infinite number of professionally made materials available online, the sky is the limit!
  • Decals were also a hot topic with several customer requests. Now you have much more control over decal mapping and exact positioning, providing a stress-free Decal experience. We’ve also added new Decal Mapping modes directly within Visualize, so you no longer have to use the Multi-Layer workaround to have a Decal wrap around a cylinder – just choose ‘Cylindrical’ from the ‘Decal Mapping Mode’ dropdown. Support for Video Decals in Visualize Pro has also been added so you can import videos or image sequences directly into Visualize Pro, creating vivid animations of products with LED screens, like laptops, consumer electronics, car navigation screens, or airline headsets.
  • Unique to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional is the integrated Physics Engine for even faster scene set up. Enable Physics with a few simple clicks and watch your items collide and fall, just like they would in real life. After Physics is setup, use the Earthquake tool to randomize or jitter the selected elements. This helps to add a natural touch to stacked plates, or pens in a cup, without having to manually move each one individually, saving loads of scene setup time.
  • For vehicle designers and engineers, we’ve also added a new Vehicle Driving Simulator to create driving footage or dynamic still shots of vehicles that don’t even exist yet. You can even plug in an Xbox controller and drive your car concept throughout your scene, while recording the result for photo-quality driving footage!
  • And finally, save time by creating your own custom hotkeys, specific to your own preferences, including single-key shortcuts, making using Visualize that much faster!

SOLIDWORKS Premium 2019

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 is included with SOLIDWORKS Premium 2019 software from Javelin.

SOLIDWORKS Premium software gives you powerful, easy-to-use functionality that automates tasks, streamlines workflows, and helps you quickly define and validate the form, fit, and function of your design. Part of the SOLIDWORKS product development solution.

SOLIDWORKS Premium includes designsimulationsustainability, communication and data management add-ins. Empowers innovative design with specific tools that help you work more efficiently so you can make better design decisions.


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