Sales & Marketing

Typical Challenges

Sales and marketing of complex products is a challenge, especially when your sales team is reliant on design and engineering for quoting custom products and marketing collateral.

The common sales and marketing issues that our Canadian product design and manufacturing customers have to deal with are:

  • Our design team does not have the time to create marketing content for us.
  • Our sales people need to configure our products and generate quotes quickly and easily for prospects.
  • We need to create physical mock-ups to help potential customers understand a concept and experience a design to create sales interest.
Sales and marketing
TRACK Solution

Our Sales and Marketing solutions will allow you to work in parallel with your design and engineering team, providing you with:

  • TECHNOLOGY that allows marketing to create collateral directly from 3D CAD, without having to bother Engineering.
  • Configure Price Quote PROCESS for your sales team to quickly and easily provide the information your customers need.
  • 3D Printing MANUFACTURE solution to print physical prototypes for demonstrations and customer evaluation.
  • PEOPLE solutions that will give your team the skills they need to create marketing collateral and physical mock-ups.


No need to compromise your communications by relying on rough drawings to show your concepts or waiting until your design is finished to start creating sales and marketing collateral.

Easily create marketing collateral from existing CAD data with SOLIDWORKS technology

With SOLIDWORKS Composer and Visualize technology your sales and marketing team can leverage 3D CAD data to create dynamic graphical content that clearly and effectively depicts even your most complex products.

Easily access design files through SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and work in parallel with design and engineering.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS technology below:


Providing an Online Product Configurator for your sales team, distributors and customers to use is a very powerful sales tool.

Sales people can easily build a custom product to provide a faster response to sales inquiries and create accurate quotes quickly.

Close the gap between initial sales inquiry and end product

The ability to configure, price and quote (CPQ) easily has become essential for manufacturing companies of all sizes, in all industries. Customized products are becoming the norm.

If you have sales reps or dealers that work remotely, then you should consider a DriveWorks CPQ Online Product Configurator tailored to your business. The configurator can also be used by sales people from within a Customer Resource Management (CRM) system like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.


Create a physical mock-up of your product in hours, for use with a focus group or as a pre–launch model of a new product to help kick start sales. They can see it, hold it and examine it from every angle.

Take your design from the digital to physical world by 3D printing mock-ups for sales & marketing

With 3D Printing you can create models before they are manufactured to help sell the idea. Use models for demonstrations and trade shows or as samples for clients.

You can also create variations with different materials and textures to help you determine sales interest. The following Stratasys 3D printers are specifically designed for sales and marketing applications:


Training programs are not “one-size fits all”. That is why we provide a flexible approach to personalize your training experience. Javelin has an extensive offering of training products and solutions.

Learn how to take your sales and marketing to the next level with Javelin solutions

Our tailored training solution provides a learning path and course content that is designed to target the specific needs of sales and marketing people.

Also If you need custom courseware for your people then we can also provide that service. The Javelin training team can customize existing training courses or even create brand new courseware specifically for your business.

Here are the courses you'll need to get ahead in sales and marketing:

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