Somos® PerFORM

A fast processing stereolithography material resulting in strong, stiff and
accurate parts with high feature resolution

Somos PerFORM Material Properties

Behaviour and use

Material Overview

Somos® PerFORM produces strong, stiff, high temperature resistant composite parts that are ideal for tooling and wind tunnel testing applications.

With the lowest viscosity of any composite stereolithography material, parts made from Somos® PerFORM are faster to build, easier to post-process clean, possess superior sidewall quality and provide unmatched detail resolution. It is the ideal material for creating strong, stiff parts with excellent high heat resistance, including wind tunnel models for aerospace and automotive applications, as well as rapid tooling for injection molding.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent detail resolution
  • Fast, easy processing & finishing
  • Superior high heat tolerance

Ideal Applications

  • Tooling
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • High temperature testing
  • Electrical casings
  • Automotive housings

Somos PerFORM Specification & Features

Liquid Properties Optical Properties
Appearance Off-White EC 7.8 mJ/cm² [critical exposure]
Viscosity ~1,000 cps @ 30°C DP 4.3 mils [slope of cure-depth vs. In (E) curve]
Density ~1.61 g/cm @ 25°C E10 80 mJ/cm² [exposure that gives 0.254 mm (.010 inch) thickness]


Mechanical Properties UV Postcure Thermal Postcure
ASTM Method Property Description Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
D638M Tensile Strength 68 MPa 9.9 ksi 80 MPa 11.6 ksi
D638M Tensile Modulus 10,500 MPa 1,520 ksi 9,800 MPa 1,420 ksi
D638M Elongation at Break 1.1% 1.2%
D638M Poisson’s Ratio 0.32 0.33
D790M Flexural Strength 120 MPa 17.4 ksi 146 MPa 21.2 ksi
D790M Flexural Modulus 10,000 MPa 1,450 ksi 9,030MPa 1,310 ksi
D256A Izod Impact (Notched) 17 J/m 0.32 ft-lb/in 20 J/m 0.37 ft-lb/in
D2240 Hardness (Shore D) 94 93
D570-98 Water Absorption 0.2% 0.1%


Thermal/Electrical Properties UV Postcure Thermal Postcure
ASTM Method Property Description Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
E831-05 C.T.E. -40 - 0°C (-40 - 32°F) 29.9 µm/m°C 16.6 µin/in°F 26.4 µm/m°C 14.7 µin/in°F
E831-05 C.T.E. 0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F) 49.4 µm/m°C 27.4 µin/in°F 34.3 µm/m°C 19.1 µin/in°F
E831-05 C.T.E. 50 - 100°C (122 - 212°F) 79.1 µm/m°C 43.9 µin/in°F 59.9 µm/m°C 33.3 µin/in°F
E831-05 C.T.E. 100 - 150°C (212 - 302°F) 80.9 µm/m°C 45.0 µin/in°F 94.7 µm/m°C 52.6 µin/in°F
D150-98 Dielectric Constant 60 Hz 4.0 4.0
D150-98 Dielectric Constant 1 KHz 3.8 3.9
D150-98 Dielectric Constant 1 MHz 3.6 3.7
D149-97A Dielectric Strength 26.3 kV/mm 668 V/mil 25.4 kV/mm 644 V/mil
E1545-11 Tg 72°C 162°F 81°C 178°F
D648 HDT @ 0.46 MPa (66 psi) 132°C 270°F 268°C 514°F
D648 HDT @ 1.81 MPa (264 psi) 82°C 180°F 119°C 246°F

Stereolithography (SLA) Technology

Advantages of 3D printing Somos PerFORM with a Stratasys Machine

What is Stereolithography?

Stereolithography (SL/SLA) was the world’s first 3D printing technology, and it remains a great option for highly detailed prototypes that require tight tolerances and smooth surfaces. It uses a UV laser to cure and solidify fine layers of photopolymer in an open vat.

Why choose SLA?

SLA is great for prototyping parts that will ultimately be painted or coated because the models can be finished using the same materials and processes as the end product. Transparent, heat resistant and moisture resistant materials are also attractive for medical, automotive and other prototypes that call for flow visualization, light transmittance or thermostability.

SLA benefits

Product designers opt for SL models when a quick build time is crucial, and they can invest time and resources into additional finishing processes. SL can also produce master patterns for urethane casting, and investment casting patterns that are used to produce metal parts for aerospace, automotive, power generation and medical applications.

SLA 3D Printing & Post-processing Machines

Machines that can 3D print and post-process Somos PerFORM parts

Stratasys Neo Stereolithography 3D Printer

Stratasys Neo Stereolithography

Stratasys Neo Stereolithography SLA Resin 3D Printers for prototyping, tooling and master patterns with superior surface quality and accuracy.

DEMI 800 PostProcess machine

DEMI 800 Support Removal

The DEMI 800 Production Series 3D Printing Support Removal machine provides an envelope sized for a few large or several small 3D printed parts.

DEMI 200 PostProcess system

DEMI 200 Support Removal

The DEMI 200 Production Series 3D Printing Support Removal machine provides an envelope sized for a few large or several small 3d printed parts.

Need to 3D print with Somos PerFORM?

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