Short innovation cycles and quick market launches for industry 4.0 ready wearables

Watch the case study video below to learn about ProGlove, a young company taking a human-centric approach to innovation and shaping the future of smart wearables for industry 4.0 using DyeMansion automated 3D printing post processing solutions:

ProGlove and DyeMansion

ProGlove and DyeMansion share a long-standing partnership. The Munich-based scale-up ProGlove uses 3D printing not only for prototyping but also for series production. ProGlove benefits from a superior product quality and maximum flexibility in product design. The scanners are treated with PolyShot Surfacing as well as DeepDye Coloring.

ProGlove adapted SLS technology to create their prototype parts however the colour of the parts was spray painted, but the colour
faded during use. So they need to find a solution that would allow them to make smoother 3D printed parts and apply a colour that would not be worn off during product testing.

“Another problem was the white colour. In the beginning the parts were spray painted, but the colour wore out during the use.”

— Konstantin Brunnbauer, VP of Production at ProGlove

Short innovation cycles and a more sustainable production

3D printing helps ProGlove with frequent product customization and helps shorten innovation cycles. For example, a small amount of a product can be produced and tested. If there are adjustments, they can be made quickly, and new parts produced without wasting parts. The intermediate step of tool and mold production is not required. This also makes innovation cycles more sustainable.

Superior products with optimized haptics

Thanks to DyeMansion’s PolyShot Surfacing, the 3D printed components not only achieve an ideal surface for subsequent colouring, but also a surface finish that is perceived as premium. This finish transforms the raw part into a scratch-resistant application that is suitable for daily use.

Colours ready for daily use

The original problem of colour abrasion after painting the components no longer exists since the use of DyeMansion‘s DeepDye Coloring. During the process, the paint is absorbed deep enough into the part to withstand daily wear and tear, even if it is scratched. In addition, the paint does not lose its strength, even when the scanner is used for a long time.

Industrial scale manufacturing through reproducible processes

For ProGlove, large scale production of scanners is possible. Not only because of the SLS technology used, but also because of the reproducible processes of the print-to-product workflow. By using defined and consistent parameters for Cleaning & PolyShot Surfacing and the DyeMansion DM60‘s cartridge system, it can be ensured that every part looks the same.

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