EMS Electromagnetic Simulation

Magnetic and Electric Field Modeling for SOLIDWORKS


EMS is an electromagnetic field simulation software which calculates fields (electric / magnetic / flux / potential / eddy currents), circuit parameters (inductance / capacitance / resistance / impedance / flux linkage), mechanical parameters (force / torque), and losses (eddy/core/hysteresis/ohmic).

Certified SOLIDWORKS Add-in

EMS is a Gold Certified Add-in for SOLIDWORKS desktop which enables you to simulate the most intricate electrical machines, motors, generators, sensors, transformers, high voltage apparatus, high power machines, electrical switches, valves, actuators, PCB’s, levitation machines, loudspeakers, permanent magnet machines, NDT equipment, inverters, converters, bus bars, inductors, bushings, or biomedical equipment.


EMS offers state-of-the-art accuracy and power with SOLIDWORKS finite element analysis and meshing technology. EMS enables you to couple your magnet, magnetic, and electrical design to Thermal, Structural, and Motion analyses.

Electromagnetic analysis
  • Full 3D electromagnetic field simulation

    EMS enables you to do both electric and magnetic simulations using your complete 3D geometry to ensure 100% accuracy and integrity of your designs. EMS also allows you to do both 2D planar and axis-symmetry simulations for designs where such simplification yields significantly reduced time for solution with no compromise on accuracy.

  • Seamless integration with CAD geometry

    EMS seamless integration in the two main CAD platforms – SOLIDWORKS, and Autodesk® Inventor® empowers you to simulate the most intricate electromagnetic designs. You don't need to "reinvent the wheel", just acquire a CAD model from the mechanical drafting personnel and start your electric or magnetic simulation instantly without any modification.

  • Parametric simulation

    EMS enables numerous What if? analyses to obtain the best design for your application. Any CAD dimension or a simulation variable can be set as a parameter to study the effect of its changes on your design. This serves as a first step to optimize your designs.

  • Multiphysics capabilities

    EMS is a true multi-physics software which enables you to couple your magnetic, and electrical design to Circuit, Motion, Thermal, and Structural analyses on the same model in a hassle-free integrated environment without any need to import/export any data. This integrated multi-physics environment brings the user efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

  • User friendly interface and embedded learning materials

    Easy to use program with a very short learning curve. Follows the same philosophy of your CAD software. The demo viewer feature in the software gives you access to numerous training materials for fast learning and adoption of EMS.

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EMS Solvers & Benefits

Electromechanical Analysis Tools for SOLIDWORKS Designers

  • Electrostatic Analysis
    Electrostatic Analysis

    EMS electrostatic solver allows you to gain insight into your design through electroatics potential and distributions results along with capacitance and electrostatic force calculations.

  • Conduction analysis
    Conduction Analysis

    The conduction solver of the EMS package targets current flow problems where current distribution, resistance, power dissipation and over voltage issues are of interest.

  • Magnetostatics

    Whether you are using permanent magnets of coils, linear, or non-linear materials, EMS magnetostatic solver is the ideal tool to help you get a handle on your design.

  • AC Electric
    AC Electric

    The AC Electric solver computes the electric field (E) and the current density (J) due to an AC current or voltage source.  Like the Electrostatic Analysis, Maxwell’s displacement current is neglected, i.e. no propagating waves, and the size of the object is much smaller than the wavelength

  • AC Magnetics
    AC Magnetics

    The AC Magnetic module calculates the effects of alternating currents (AC) or voltages in electromagnetic devices. These effects include eddy currents, skin effects, and power loss due to eddy currents. The magnetic field, magnetic flux density, and eddy currents are directly computed from the solution. Auxiliary quantities such as inductance, force, torque, flux linkage, and eddy current losses are deduced from the primary calculations.

  • Transients

    The Transient Magnetic module calculates magnetic fields that vary over time in electromagnetic devices. These fields are typically caused by surges in voltages and currents. This type of analysis can be linear or non-linear. The magnetic field, magnetic flux density, and eddy currents are directly computed from the solution. Auxiliary quantities such as inductance, force, torque, flux linkage, and eddy current losses are deduced from the primary calculations.

  • Thermal analysis
    Thermal Analysis

    Thermal analysis is directly coupled to electromagnetic simulation. Power dissipated in conductors is used as heat source in the thermal analysis to predict temperature distribution.

EMS Results

EMS empowers you, the designer, to compute electric, magnetic, mechanical, and thermal parameters, including:

  • Electric Force
  • Electric Torque
  • Magnetic Force
  • Magnetic Torque
  • Electromagnetic Force
  • Electromagnetic Torque
  • Magnetic Flux Density
  • Magnetic Field
  • Electric Field
  • Electric Flux
  • Current Flow
  • Eddy Current
  • Inductance
  • Capacitance
  • Resistance
  • Hysterisis loss
  • Eddy loss
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Stress
  • Flux Linkage
  • Core Loss
  • Breakdown Voltage
  • Lorentz Force
  • Lorentz Torque
  • Skin effect
  • Proximity effect
  • Magnetic Saturation
  • Induced Voltage
  • Force Density
  • Power Loss
  • Temperature
  • Temperature Gradient
  • Heat Flux
  • Back EMF
  • Electric flux density
  • Impedance
  • Ohmic loss
  • Displacement
  • Strain


"EMS and SOLIDWORKS have significantly sped up Inovio product development. "The time savings are so dramatic they are, in a sense, unquantifiable. Using EMS, we can change an electrode geometry and analyze an electrical field within a half hour. If we had to do these three dimensional calculations for the more complicated electrode geometries by hand, it would take days."

— Chris Andre, Mechanical Engineer, Inovio Pharmaceuticals

"Just to let you know, we have designed a solenoid using your software and built a prototype and the final results are within plus or minus 5%. This is truly incredible. We are going to be using your software to redesign our entire solenoid product line! Take care and I will let you know if I have any problems."

— Steve Bornhoft, Mechanical Engineer, BIO-CHEM FLUIDICS

"Using the electromagnetic software package EMS, we developed optimal catheters faster and at a lower cost with a minimum number of physical prototypes. As a result, we brought our products faster to market. We could not have done it without EMS."

— Yasuhiro Kojima, Development Division Chief, Japan Lifeline Co., Ltd.

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