HFWorks High Frequency Simulation

Antenna and Electromagnetic Simulation for SOLIDWORKS

What is HFWorks for SOLIDWORKS?

HFWorks is an antenna and electromagnetic simulation software for RF, Microwave, mm-wave, and high speed digital circuits. HFWorks solves electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic propagation, electromagnetic resonance, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and signal integrity (SI) problems for RF/MW frequencies and beyond.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Add-in

HFWorks is a 3D field simulation software fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS desktop. HFWorks uses state-of-the-art finite element solvers and meshing technologies to compute fields as well as antennas and circuit parameters. It can simulate single antenna elements as well as multiple array antenna configurations.

HFWorks can also be used for time domain computations such as TDR and Eye Diagram. It can predict power handling capabilities of 3D structures and localize potential field breakdown areas. It also provides the capability to simulate RF microwave heating as a function of applied power.


HFWorks is based on the powerful finite element method (FEM), which solves the physical equations rigorously and without any simplifications or assumptions.

  • Versatile High Frequency and High-Speed Tool

    Whether your design involves antennas, RF and Microwave components, signal integrity, power integrity, EMC/EMI, chip-packaging, PCB, connectors, cables, RF MEMS, or filters and   whether you use planar circuit technologies, standard waveguides or dielectric guides, HFWorks covers your high frequency field simulation design needs for RF frequencies and much beyond.

  • Time Domain Solution

    HFWorks comes with a Time Domain Analysis type that helps designers to allocate discontinuities in connectors, adapters, cable transitions and high speed interconnects. It is a very important issue for RF connectors and cables manufacturers.

  • Integrated Electro-Thermal Analysis

    HFWorks comes with an integrated Electro-Thermal Analysis. It offers you a coherent environment where you can simultaneously study the electrical and thermal behavior of your high frequency design right on the same model with one single finite element mesh. Hence, in addition to the plethora of electrical and electronic design parameters, you can also obtain the temperature, temperature gradient, and heat flux of your high frequency design due to conductor and dielectric losses.  

  • Power handling

    There are two important aspects related to power handling capabilities of passive RF & Microwave structures and HFWorks covers them both. Dielectric breakdown is a key limiter of power handling as it can lead to catastrophic failure. Runaway thermal breakdown can also occur if any part of the design is subject to excessive heat due to RF power losses.

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HFWorks Solvers & Benefits

For RF, Microwave, and Wireless Applications

  • S-parameter
    S-Parameters Simulation

    The S-parameters module calculates the scattering parameters for RF and Microwave passive components. It also represents the S-parameters on a Smith Chart. This module can help study many RF & microwave devices and address numerous dispersion and matching effects.

  • Resonance
    Electromagnetic Cavity Resonance

    The electromagnetic cavity resonance software module calculates the resonance frequency, or so called eigen frequency, and its corresponding electric and magnetic field distributions. 

    It also calculates the dielectric quality factor and the conductor quality factor due to dielectric and conductor losses.

  • Antenna analysis
    Antenna Design

    The antenna design module of HFWorks helps you optimize your antenna design by simulating various “what if” scenarios to meet the stringent requirements imposed by the Internet of Things and the 5G mobile technologies.  This antenna software module also helps you validate existing antenna designs and study a plethora of antenna design issues.

  • Time domain simulation
    Time Domain Simulation

    The Time Domain module enables time-domain analysis to be performed from valid frequency domain S-parameter results. It can be used for reflection-type analysis, i.e., TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) and/or for transmission-type analysis to quantify transmission distortion and generate Eye Diagram results.

HFWorks Results

Gain physical insight into the performance of your designs

S-parameter Outputs:
  • Generalized S-parameters matrix
  • Insertion loss
  • Return loss
  • Re-normalized S-parameters matrix
  • Unique impedance matrix
  • Unique admittance matrix
  • VSWR
  • Propagation parameters at each port
  • Impedances at each port
  • Electric field distribution
  • Magnetic field distribution
  • Specific absorption rate distribution
Resonance Outputs:
  • Resonance frequencies or the Eigen modes
  • Dielectric quality factor
  • Conductor quality factor
  • Overall quality factor
  • Electric field distribution
  • Magnetic field distribution
  • Specific absorption rate distribution
  • Heat dissipation
  • Temperature distribution
  • The displacement, stress, and strain
Antenna Outputs
  • Radiation Pattern
  • Beamwidth
  • Radiation power density
  • Radiation intensity
  • Gain and directivity
  • Efficiency
  • Polarization
  • VSWR
  • Input impedance
  • Radiation resistance
  • Power
  • Near- and far-fields
Time Domain Outputs:
  • Impedance plot over time
  • Signal Integrity
  • Eye Diagram
  • Impedance when loads exist on ports
  • Windowed frequency and time plots
  • Propagation parameters at each port


"I strongly recommend HFWorks for analysing complex 3D structures when simplistic 2D/2.5D models won’t get you where you wanted”

— Robert Larose, Senior Electro-optic Designer, CMC Electronics Inc.

"My First impression of HFWorks right out of the gate was, 'Brilliant'. Having HFWorks integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS saves me so much time when it comes to building and testing coaxial RF connectors."

— John Lomba, a student, University of Massachusetts Lowell

"We have been using the Antenna and the S-Parameter features of the software. We are particularly pleased with the speed of the fast sweep. We also found the technical support prompt and professional."

— Ali Bostani, Ph.D. Microwave Specialist, SCP SCIENCE

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