SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

The easy way to more environmentally friendly designs

What is SOLIDWORKS Sustainability?

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides actionable environmental results by measuring the environmental impacts of individual designs across the product life cycle—including the effects of material, manufacturing, assembly, and transportation

Understand the ecological impact of your design

Using industry-standard life cycle assessment (LCA) criteria, the software generates instantaneous feedback at a fraction of the time and cost of a typical assessment.

In addition to helping you reduce production costs and develop greener products, environmental assessment can lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your products by evaluating potential transportation, usage, and disposal effects.


SOLIDWORKS Sustainability helps the design community better understand the ecological impact of its work and make more environmentally friendly design choices.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Add-in
Life Cycle Assessment

From raw material extraction and manufacturing to product use and disposal, SOLIDWORKS® Sustainability shows designers how the choices they make can change the overall environmental impact of any product they create.

Become an even more successful design professional

By using SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, you will demonstrate to your managers, coworkers, and customers that you are a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious designer. Your custom Life Cycle Assessment reports will show exactly how you’ve improved your designs — information that could be valuable to your colleagues in sales and marketing, as well.

Get instant design feedback

With SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, you don’t have to wait around for data to come back or tests to be run. You’ll instantly see the environmental impact of your designs as variables change. This allows you to evaluate changes more quickly and more easily understand the environmental impact of your design choices — all on a real-time basis.

Sustainable design is now a reality — and a competitive advantage

Sustainable design is no longer something that is nice in theory but impractical in practice. From here on out, making more environmentally responsible products will be a built-in part of your design process.


SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Features

Simplify document creation to help streamline part inspection and improve quality

Manufacturing Cost Reductions

Reduce manufacturing costs related to material and energy usage by conducting environmental impacts assessments.

  • Track environmental progress as you work to lightweight your products. Redesigning the geometry for equivalent strength with less material or choosing a material that requires less energy for production can carve costs out of your process. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability factors the cost of extracting and processing raw materials into your material purchasing costs, enabling you to save money while improving the sustainability of designs.
  • Environmental impacts assessment goes beyond material impacts and evaluates additional manufacturing and assembly inputs, such as electrical energy consumption, heat energy usage, and material scrap rates. View industry averages for these manufacturing impacts or input your own custom manufacturing data to assess the environmental impacts and potential cost reductions associated with designing your product for cleaner manufacturing.
  • Reduce the costs of distribution and transportation of materials—as well as the expenses incurred by customers—by using SOLIDWORKS Sustainability to examine various multimodal shipping options.
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Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Increase customer satisfaction by using environmental impacts assessment to reduce the costs related to the purchase of your products.

  • Take steps to reduce customer energy use (and related maintenance expenses) by using SOLIDWORKS Sustainability to determine the energy your product consumes. Your cost estimates can point the way toward savings.
  • Disposal or tipping fees at the end of product life add costs to your products. Assess end-of-life impacts—and work toward reducing them—by using environmentally benign and recyclable materials. Model environmental impacts across various design lifetimes and usage durations, demonstrating ways to lessen impacts, and cut energy costs by extending your product’s lifespan.

Automatic Environmental Reports

Communicate the environmental impacts of your products to coworkers, partners, and customers with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability automatic reporting capability.

  • Instantly generate reports that show the environmental impacts of your designs and demonstrate the verifiable steps taken to minimize environmental impacts for your customers.
  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of your product design by showing its sustainability profile, design alternatives comparison, and the impact breakdown of complex assemblies .

Share Sustainability Data

Publish and share valid data on the success of your sustainable design practices.

  • Share a professional-quality Sustainability Report with environmentally minded customers including your company branding and a glossary of environmental terms.
  • Automatically share the environmental metrics of your designs with your suppliers and customers by embedding SOLIDWORKS Sustainability data directly into your CAD files.

Accurate and Reliable Environmental Data

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability results are accurate, reliable, and credible.

  • Sustainability reports use peer-reviewed, industry-standard life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology .
  • SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software utilizes data and models from the industry-leading GaBi Environmental Database from PE INTERNATIONAL, which can be automatically updated from within SOLIDWORKS software.
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Report

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Benefits

Incorporate sustainability into your product design

Spur innovation

With a clear view into sustainability, you can improve your designs, reduce costs, and create differentiation for your products.

Now you can target “green” marketing opportunities by rethinking existing designs and exploring new ones, to create next-generation, environmentally friendly products for any industry.

Apply life cycle assessment early in the design process

Traditionally available only in the final stages of product development, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability now brings screening-level LCA to the design phase, when you can easily make adjustments to create more sustainable designs.

Now you can quickly create more sustainable design options that require fewer materials, produce less waste, and use less energy while you meet your product performance criteria.

Work seamlessly in the design environment

As an integrated part of the SOLIDWORKS product development solution, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability makes environmental assessment an effortless and natural part of your workflow.

You get robust environmental results, clearly displayed in a real-time graphical dashboard. Sustainability data is automatically stored as part of the model file, so you can easily share it with others.

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