F-B Tool & Die design precision stamping dies with SOLIDWORKS

F-B Tool & Die Limited use SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Partner Products to offer a complete tooling service including design and build, tool manufacturing, precision machining and troubleshooting expertise.

With more than 60 years of industry experience, F-B Tool & Die Limited is known as a leading producer of precision stamping dies ranging from palm size to five tons in weight.

Products are used in diverse industries including automotive, medical, food packaging, computer, electronic, electrical, appliance and aerospace.


  • Transition from 2D to 3D Solid Modeling
  • Provide faster, more complete designs to increase product value
  • Handle more complex and unique projects
SOLIDWORKS Progressive Die

SOLIDWORKS Progressive Die


  • Evaluated and selected SOLIDWORKS over Creo, Solid Edge and AutoDesk Inventor for product value, translation capabilities, ease of use, user interface, functionality and shorter learning curve
  • Initially replaced 2D AutoCAD with CADKEY then purchased SOLIDWORKS 3D Design Software
  • Purchasing decision resulted in faster, consistent and more complete designs
  • Improved fit and functionality of finished components enhanced product quality
  • Significantly benefited from SOLIDWORKS’ ability to translate customer files from other CAD software, as well as send native format CAD data to different plant equipment
  • Accurately performed geometry translations
  • Solid Modeling provided better information to shop floor employees resulting in better machining processes, less scrap and fewer machining errors (reduced to small percentage).  Increased product efficiencies as well as increased product value were other resulting benefits
  • Completed more complex and unique projects previously unable to undertake
  • Improved customer communication and feedback with use of SOLIDWORKS eDrawings (included in SOLIDWORKS Basic Package)
  • Utilized designers time more efficiently by cutting down out-of-office time by approximately 50% (using SOLIDWORKS eDrawings)
  • Also implemented 3DQuickPress (SOLIDWORKS fully integrated add-on for Progressive Die Design)
  • Reduced initial design layout time by 50% to 75% by utilizing 3DQuickPress and automated Unfold and Strip Layout features.
  • Substantially reduced design time and shortened manufacturing and assembly time using 3DQuickPress.
  • Decreased design errors to a very small percentage (using 3DQuickPress)
  • Generated fast strip development (layouts) during quoting process as well as provided more accurate customer quotes (3DQuickPress)

Customer Details


"Javelin Technologies offers the complete package; good products, good service and value for what you need. They’re a great bunch of people who are always willing to help you out."

— Mark McCumber, Senior Designer, F-B Tool & Die Limited