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Using your data beyond design with SOLIDWORKS 2020 Add-ins

Wednesday October 30, 2019 Online 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

How is your data used after the design is complete? There are many opportunities to leverage your valuable SOLIDWORKS models beyond design, in other areas of your company and any new features for those products.

Join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, October 30, as Javelin’s application specialists; Vicky Guignard and Bryan Sprange demonstrate how to create renderings and technical documentation, and discuss options for manufacturing your designs directly from SOLIDWORKS. Plus, you will learn how to extend your data even further and use it after manufacturing to inspect and generate all necessary documentation needed for your products.

The following SOLIDWORKS 2020 Add-ins will be demonstrated and discussed in greater detail during the webinar:

Technical Documentation

Eliminating waste is a common practice to increase the value of your processes. SOLIDWORKS CAD models typically contain multiple named and exploded views necessary to document the design. With SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020, all of these views are now included when you open the model so you don’t waste time recreating them.

This makes it quick and easy to create a custom exploded animation with Composer and with 2020, you can now save the animation to additional popular formats like MP4. Even though animations can have a big impact on your audience, still images are often a necessity. SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 now provides the option to publish a 360 degree view of your model in a series of raster or vector images.

Model Based Definition

SOLIDWORKS MBD 2020 helps companies define and organize product and manufacturing data, or PMI, including 3D model data, and publish to theme-standard file formats. Learn how  how individual annotations are now listed in folders under each annotation view to help visualize the relationship between annotations and the view on which it was assigned.


SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 introduces Tab Cutting, a new option to generate this critical toolpath detail versus manually adding these operations in post processing. Users have full control over the size of the tabs and thickness options when cutter depth is a factor. You can specify both the number of tabs and their spacing with individual offset control.

Precision equipment requires high precision manufacturing to achieve the desired performance. Components have many critical features with precise tolerances.To meet these requirements, SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2020 introduces Probing Operations. It’s easy to create a new probing operation and associate it to an existing setup. Choose the desired probe from your tool-crib, and select the previously machined surfaces to create new coordinate references for the subsequent machining operations.

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