3DEXPERIENCE Works Cloud-Based Sculpting


Complement your SOLIDWORKS with 3D Sculptor – a cloud-based subdivision (Sub-D) modeling solution that’s part of 3DEXPERIENCE Works. Create organic shapes and complex surfaces intuitively and quickly. Explore designs using natural push-pull interaction and powerful underlying technology that keeps surface quality high:

3DEXPERIENCE Works 3D Sculptor Highlights

The 3D Sculptor Role (xShape App) is available with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS and as a standalone app with 3DEXPERIENCE Works. The latest 3D Sculptor release includes:

  • New ambiances and visual quality manager: Design with realism with updated ambiances and visual quality for a more immersive experience.
    • 8 new environments for design visualization.
    • Visual quality manager to achieve the optimal visual performance and appearance.
  • Improved Align to Curve: Improvements to Align to Curve functionality help get you to your desired final shape faster. Align to Curve allows you to align subdivision geometry to your concept sketch curves or 3D geometry. In this update, the resulting subdivision surface created is of significantly better quality with a more evenly distributed pattern of vertices which makes the subdivision surface smoother and more easily modified with less need to continually move vertices.
    • Improved capabilities when aligning a subdivision surface to the edge of existing geometry or to a curve.
    • Align to curve now creates surfaces in which the vertices are more evenly distributed along the surface.
  • Symmetry Improvement: More intelligence built into the Center On command helps speed up your modeling workflow.
    • A shortcut is available for applying Symmetry. If the Center On command is used, the Symmetry command is automatically available since quite often the Symmetry command is used after the Center On command.
  • More Intelligent Surface Knitting: More intelligence built in speeds up modeling, reduces unnecessary clicks and simplifies the workflow
    • The knitting of the solid upon exiting the subdivision environment applies only to closed volumes, open surfaces are left unknit.
  • Interoperability for Import and Insert: New functionality to directly import components into your active assembly. Streamline the assembly process by directly importing components into the active assembly and stay focused on the design at hand.
  • Sketch:
    • Insert custom sketch library components:
      • Create custom library sketch geometry and insert it directly into any active design.
      • Streamline the sketch process by creating library components that contain all of your favorite sketch shapes. Easily insert and reuse your favorite shapes into any model.
    • Convert entities of entire sketch:
      • Choose to convert all the sketch entities into a new sketch without having to select them all individually.
      • Save time and effort with a single click to convert all non-construction entities.
    • Insert Sketch command: new insert sketch command to reuse sketch geometry from any existing model.
    • Default Electrical cutout sketch library:
      • New electrical cutout library that contains common connector sketch shapes to streamline the cutout process
      • Customer benefits: Design efficiently through the use of default library shapes to eliminate costly sketching time for creating electrical cutouts
  • Image Down-sampling: When inserting a picture as a reference there is now an option to reduce the resolution to aid performance. Use photos and high resolution images straight from your device, without needing to edit it in a third-party application to prevent slow down.
  • Enhancements to Touch Device Interactions: Increased productivity when using touch and mobile devices.
    • Improved precision on placing sketch entities on the origin of the sketch.
    • The ability to accurately start or end your sketch on a midpoint of another sketch entity. Ability to duplicate sketch entities and components with a single button from the context menu.
    • Quick 90 degree clocking of an orthogonal view with arrows around the triad.
    • Auto locking of the Action Bar to prevent accidental adjustments while interacting with the graphics area.
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