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New capabilities and enhancements to the SOLIDWORKS® 2022 portfolio of solutions will help you maximize the productivity of your design and manufacturing resources, while empowering you to deliver innovative products faster


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3DEXPERIENCE Works Data Management

3DEXPERIENCE Works Cloud Data Management

How do you connect your design, engineering, and business teams together? With 3DEXPERIENCE Works, connecting everyone...
3DEXPERIENCE Works Cloud-based Sculpting

3DEXPERIENCE Works Cloud-Based Sculpting

Complement your SOLIDWORKS with 3D Sculptor – a cloud-based subdivision (Sub-D) modeling solution that’s part...

3DEXPERIENCE Works SIMULIA Provides Simulation Without Limits

Powered by SIMULIA, the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation tools offer you comprehensive ability to simulate complex physics...
SOLIDWORKS 2018 - 2022

Best of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 – 2022

Catch up with the new and old SOLIDWORKS updates with the Best of What's New...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Administration

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Administration

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Administration now features new administrative image options giving you more control over deploying...

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies

Performance for assemblies has never been better, and SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces simplified approaches to working...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Drawings

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Drawings

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Drawings features a redesigned Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing interface lets you work faster...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Graphics

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Graphics

SOLIDWORKS 2022 takes another step in refining its graphics architecture to make your experience smoother....
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Import

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Import

New SOLIDWORKS 2022 Import options include open DXF or DWG files into a part sketch...


SOLIDWORKS 2022 combines the advantages of mesh data with the accuracy of parametric features with...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Routing

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Routing

SOLIDWORKS 2022 significantly accelerates the routing of 3D wires, cables, and harnesses in your product...
SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Experience

SOLIDWORKS 2022 User Experience

SOLIDWORKS 2022 continues to refine the user experience with delighters such as the new Command...
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022 has improved performance with large and multi-user Electrical projects will save you...
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022 allows you to save time loading exactly the results display you...
SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 gives you native support for SOLIDWORKS® Assemblies and Drawings, which drastically improves...
SOLIDWORS Manage 2022

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022

With SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022 you can share Bill of Material (BOM) data with external users...


SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 saves time previewing SOLIDWORKS® files by accessing all eDrawings features from within...
SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2022

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2022

With SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2022 get optimal results faster with the Injection Location Adviser. Expanded runner...
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022 provides a new Linkage Rod connector to represent a wider variety of...
SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 offers improvements to Animation such as multiple camera tracks, grouping and re-ordering,...

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SOLIDWORKS 2022 has been released, in October we are running SOLIDWORKS 2022 What’s New Online Training Sessions to help you get up to speed with the new release. But what about licensing, budgeting, and installation? This guide will help you to get answers to those questions and determine the next steps for updating your business.

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