3DEXPERIENCE Works Cloud Data Management


How do you connect your design, engineering, and business teams together? With 3DEXPERIENCE Works, connecting everyone else to SOLIDWORKS is just a few clicks away. Improve your collaboration, productivity, and innovation with 3DEXPERIENCE Works – it all starts with cloud-based, hassle-free data management.

Boost innovation, productivity via 3DEXPERIENCE Works Cloud Data Management

While innovation in product development has become the lifeblood of many of today’s leading manufacturers, it must be balanced with other objectives, such as faster times to market and holding the line on product development costs. For a product innovation to make a splash in the market, it must be brought to market first without bankrupting the company in the process. In other words, manufacturers need a cloud-based platform to collaborate efficiently, fast-track product development, and control product development costs while introducing innovative products and features to market at the same time. With a cloud-based platform, manufacturers can more easily balance these sometimes conflicting objectives.

Innovation demands collaboration

In order to innovate consistently, efficiently, and effectively, product design teams must collaborate. It’s the only way that the team can distill all of the pertinent information—such as the voice of the customer, input from suppliers and partners, design ideas and concepts, etc.—into an innovative design. In addition to synthesizing information on the front end of development, designers and engineers need to collaborate so they can incorporate valuable input, feedback, and insights into design iterations in real time.

Using SOLIDWORKS tools in concert with 3DEXPERIENCE Works data management browser-based solutions, product design teams can more tightly focus the development path, leverage the knowledge that is widely distributed across the organization, and even uncover hidden, unknown talent. In order for collaboration to generate innovation efficiently, it must be seamless and operate in real time, while eliminating geographic, device access, and time barriers from the collaborative process.

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