BOM and Configuration Management with Aras and SOLIDWORKS

Aras Innovator is a full-featured, business-ready product lifecycle management software solution built on top of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional that extends PDM and related engineering business processes and drives cross-functional collaboration enterprise-wide.

Aras Innovator delivers powerful capabilities that are highly sought-after by companies that run SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional including:

  • A complete engineering BOM that’s ready for release to manufacturing.
  • Enterprise-wide business process management for change control across your company and your connected supply chain.
  • Stage-gate project management process that seamlessly connects your product items to a project plan as deliverables and milestones.

Watch our on-demand webinar below as we discuss how to add BOM and Configuration Management to your current SOLIDWORKS PDM system.

Bill of Material Management

BOM management with Aras helps organizations connect and manage multiple sources of information in a single database. Easily create and maintain structured, multi-level bill of materials for each stage of the product lifecycle. Easily synchronize EBOMs and MBOMs for clear visibility into cross-disciplinary change statuses through, design, manufacture and service.

Aras Innovator BOM Management

Aras Innovator BOM Management

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to select alternate/substitute parts
  • Applying options (variants) and configuration rules
  • BOM redlining and comparison
  • Target-estimated-calculated-actual weight and cost
  • Viewing multiple BOM views

Configuration Management

Aras PLM Configuration Management provides a comprehensive methodology for managing the configuration (hierarchical set of information) of a product or system throughout its life.

Aras Part Lifecycle Configuration Management

Aras BOM with Part Lifecycle

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How Aras PLM provides configuration identification, control, status accounting and verification
  • How to track baselines at different stages of the product lifecycle, e.g. as-designed, as-built, as-maintained
  • How to utilize graphical online business process workflows with email notifications and reminders

Aras Innovator®

Aras Innovator® is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) web-based software solution to support companies that need to manage product development, multi-site manufacturing, supply chain operations and quality compliance. Aras provides a new value proposition to companies of all sizes for managing growing product complexity and fast changing processes.

By rethinking the way PLM is designed, Aras have taken a fundamentally different approach to both PLM technology and the PLM business model.

Aras recognize that every company is unique and constantly changing to grow, improve and compete. Being different is how your company innovates to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

To enable this continuous innovation, Aras focus on delivering a scalable, full-featured PLM suite with industry best practices that is significantly easier to adapt to your company’s changing business practices rather than forcing you to compromise your business to fit the software.


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