Canadian Business Startup Assistance

Javelin helps New Canadian Businesses be successful with SOLIDWORKS Software and Stratasys or Desktop Metal 3D Printers

Are you thinking about starting your own Design Service or Consulting business? Many of our customers have been in the same situation as you. We have been able to help them get on the road to success by supplying the industry standard in 3D design software and 3D printing technology, along with comprehensive training, mentoring, and a reliable support service.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with us to help your new business:

Why 3D CAD and a 3D Printer?

Easy to work with your Suppliers and Partners

Many suppliers use SOLIDWORKS so getting the right software to work with suppliers is essential. But SOLIDWORKS also has a wide variety of file converters for exchanging data including AutoCAD DWG which can be easily imported in or out the system. SOLIDWORKS also works with over 20 CAM systems so you can work with your manufacturing partners.

Easy to Communicate with your Customers

Included with SOLIDWORKS Premium is SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Professional. This is the ideal communication tool allowing you to collaborate with customers, add markup and comments to help you complete your projects. SOLIDWORKS eDrawings allows you to create highly compressed 2D and 3D drawing files that are viewable with the free SOLIDWORKS eDrawings Viewer.

Right for your Industry

SOLIDWORKS has broad functionality with the inclusion of many different industry toolsets; and our 3D printing solutions offer many different material options so you can create designs for your industry such as mold, tool and die, electrical, mechanical, consumer products, medical, marine etc.

Hundreds of Solution Partners

SOLIDWORKS software has hundreds of partner products providing tools for every application you might need in your business, for instance SOLIDWORKS Simulation for analysis, DriveWorks for automation, SOLIDWORKS PDM for data management. Each of the partner products seamlessly works with SOLIDWORKS for a complete design solution.

Create your own Marketing Material

SOLIDWORKS software includes many marketing tools which will allow you to sell your designs and services, SOLIDWORKS Visualize software which is built into SOLIDWORKS enables users to quickly and predictably create photorealistic images that rival those of studio-based photography. SOLIDWORKS Motion Manager allows you to create movies of your designs in action.

Access to thousands of standard parts

With SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and 3D Content Central for sourcing supplier-manufactured components you will not have to search through paper catalogs, interpret technical specifications, and recreate component models, wasting valuable hours of design time and increasing the potential for errors.

Ability to offer a wide variety of manufacturing services

With a Stratasys 3D Printer you can build a 3D Printing business with the ability to produce concept modelsassembly tools, or even manufacture small quantities of production parts. SOLIDWORKS CAM software to integrate 3D design and manufacturing processes under one system.

Flexible licensing

The licensing of SOLIDWORKS products is very flexible allowing you to work from home or your business premises. SOLIDWORKS was designed exclusively for the Windows operating system so SOLIDWORKS can be used on a laptop or desktop computer.

Why use our Canadian Business Startup Assistance?

We understand the needs of a small business

Javelin Technologies provides products and services to over 4,500 companies in Canada. 80% of our customers are small businesses. We can provide services tailored to your small business needs that will meet your startup budget.

Javelin Financial Services

Our financial services will help you to get the software you need in order to start your new business. Our partnership with a leading leasing company that understands the financial needs and constraints of a ‘start-up’ business will allow you to maximize your budget and minimize your risk on investing in software and training.

Partnerships that can work for you

We have a partnership with a hardware supplier so if you are looking for the right hardware to run your 3D design software we can provide the right specification and put you in contact with the best people to provide you with hardware.

You will become part of the SOLIDWORKS 3D Experience Marketplace, a free online directory which gives users around the world a fast and easy way to learn about your company’s services. SOLIDWORKS users are always looking for the best in contract engineering, CNC machining, mold making, industrial design, machine design, rapid prototyping, as well as other related services.

Personnel for your New Canadian Business

Javelin provides software solutions for over 40 educational institutions throughout Canada. This means that new engineers are already up to speed with SOLIDWORKS software and we can help connect you with the right personnel for your business. We also work with a professional employment agency who can source personnel ideally suited for your job or contract work requirements.

Training and Mentoring that works

Canadian Business Startup Assistance is not just software and hardware, but also training and mentoring services that make a difference for the learning needs of a new business. We deliver blended learning consisting of instructor led classroom trainingand convenient online learning over the internet to get you up to speed quickly and focus on design and not learning how to use your 3D software and 3D printer.

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