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Shred-Tech Shredder

Improving shredding & recycling systems development with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics

By adding SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics software to its SOLIDWORKS mechanical design installation, Shred-Tech has improved the efficiency and accuracy of electrical system designs for the company’s recycling and shredding equipment, such as the battery shredder...

SOLIDWORKS Electrical PDM Connector

PDM Connector Tool in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Electrical designers can take advantage of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to manage all of their design requirements with the PDM Connector tool in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Keep Electric Designs in Synch with the PDM Connector Tool As...

Thrush aircraft development

Gaining Altitude in Aircraft Development with SOLIDWORKS Software

Thrush Aircraft leveraged SOLIDWORKS 3D® design, analysis, and PDM solutions to drive a more aggressive product development effort, which helped the once-struggling agricultural aviation company complete a remarkable turnaround.

Consumer products design

How to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing to accelerate consumer products development

Download our consumer product White Paper today to discover the secrets to a faster consumer product development process.

SOLIDWORKS Jobs Training

SOLIDWORKS Jobs Training

If you are currently looking for a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer/Designer Job and need to know how to use SOLIDWORKS then you should take a certified SOLIDWORKS Training Course from Canada’s authorized training provider.

DraftSight to SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Move from DraftSight to SOLIDWORKS Electrical

If you are responsible for creating the electrical designs in your company and are currently using DraftSight or AutoCAD; you are likely wasting a lot of time, money, and effort!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical optimization service

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Optimization Service

Javelin’s SOLIDWORKS Electrical Optimization Service will help bring your SOLIDWORKS Electrical or PCB projects to manufacture faster.

Design to manufacturing process

SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacturing Process

Download our white paper to learn about the SOLIDWORKS® Design to Manufacturing Solution, which offers an integrated system enabling design and manufacturing teams to work together concurrently.

Vermeer machinery development

Streamlining machinery and equipment development with SOLIDWORKS

Vermeer relies on SOLIDWORKS design, simulation, product data management, and technical communication solutions to streamline their equipment and machinery development.

Farm Automation

Growing Dairy Farm Automation Equipment Business with SOLIDWORKS

Valley Dairy Farm Automation, through its Lyntech subsidiary, relies on SOLIDWORKS design tools to develop innovative dairy farm automation products, including the Valet automated crowd gate for managing the flow of cows into a milking...

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