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Thermal Physics Problems

FEA or CFD? Which tool do I need for a thermal physics problem?

Is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) the right simulation approach? Watch the video to see how the analysis tools compare when analyzing the same electrical thermal physics problem: Thermal Analysis Provides…

Costly Prototype Build

Reduce Costly Physical Prototypes with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Make fast and informed design decisions without multiple prototypes. Watch the video to learn how SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation helps reduce costly prototyping.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Buyer's Guide

Understand how Air and Liquids interact with your product design using CFD software

Learn how integrated CFD gives you to tools to concurrently test and design your products, reducing both errors and time to market.

Simulating Industrial Equipment

Innovate and Validate Your Way to Better Industrial Equipment Design

This paper, “Simulating Better Industrial Equipment,” examines the challenges and opportunities and how simulation-driven design can help.

SIMULIA Cloud-based Simulation

Expanding Beyond SOLIDWORKS Simulation with SIMULIA

In this session learn how SIMULIA can extend the power of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The demo covers many of the SIMULIA capabilities along with examples of different applications. Extend SOLIDWORKS Simulation As SOLIDWORKS CAD and Simulation users, you have…

Dynamic FEA Vibration

Dynamic FEA using SOLIDWORKS Simulation and 3DEXPERIENCE Works

This on-demand webinar covers the simulation of vibration and dynamics using SOLIDWORKS Simulation software and SIMULIA cloud-based tools.